DVD-RW probs

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Taffnp, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. DVD RW packed in last week so bought a new one.

    Came with a disk Nero 7 and went into setup said your Nero 6 is obsolete will be replaced.

    It was but only with a basic burn facility.

    Got hold of a copy of Nero 8, but would not install (apparently a common problem)

    Used Nero cleaner and deleted all trace of Nero, also used regclean and did same. Reinstalled my legal copy of Nero 6 and off we went all singing and dancing.

    Burned a few DVDs.

    Recorded Dunkirk and removed adverts in DVD shrink. Saved files and then into Nero merged titles and burned to DVD.

    DVD whirred up and light flashed, looked at disk and there was info on it.

    In windows explorer shows 0 bytes and 0 free space.

    burning to CD works ok.

    Must be something simple
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    tried a fresh blank dvd?
  3. Nero is really a wee bit crap, it is FAR too complicated!

    Try a really good program, I use Ashampoo Burning Studio and it has NEVER gave me a coaster!

    (I am an M.C.I.T.P. so I know a bit about computers!)

    I will PM you.

  4. Ashampoo Burning Studio gives me a blue screen and a lot of pain if I install it and try to use the thing. Death to Ashampoo.
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. To throw in my 2cents K3b everytime. Not of any help though as not available for Windows.

    Years ago I used to rate Alcohol 120% it seemed to do everything Nero did but better and a few things more.

    No good for "backing up" CSS scrambled DVD's though (most of them).
  7. My Nero works ok, just for some reason I cannot read the discs I have burned. The drive shows no data. Can play them on DVD player ok though.

    Bugs me as I have a few I made with clips from youtube on battlefield tours, so if anyone wants a copy I can't make them.
  8. Given you can play them in a DVD player and they are unreadable on your system. Have you tried playing them on another system?

    If they play this indicates a dodgy DVD drive. Are you able to read other DVD's from your system? Both Data and film? If they work on other peoples systems but not your own then the fault lies with your system (ie hardware or software).

    I have come across DVD drives before that are extremely temperamental about the brand of DVD/CD used. This might be something to look into. If this is the case though I would suggest a new DVD/RW drive.

    Software faults are a tad more difficult to pin down. If you have more than one optical drive on your system use a live cd (such as Ubuntu) to boot off the known working one.

    From there try burning a data dvd, and copying a movie.

  9. Had Nero 6 installed worked fine. DVDRW packed in. Bought a new one, which came with Nero 7 (part of)

    Wow thinks me Nero 7 had to install it as it said system has detected you have an older version of Nero will now install Nero 7 have to uninstall Nero 6 - OK

    It was only the basic drag and drop burning stuff.

    Took it off and reinstalled Nero 6. Burned and copied ok, reads Movie DVds and stuff from DVD recorder like Ross Kemp on pirates etc.

    Using two brands of DVD I always use and no probs. Problem is with the reading of the burned discs, not writing them. Something to do with Neros packet writing I believe
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Try this and see if it works: www.cdburnerxp.com

  11. ok will give that a bash thanks
  12. Wouldn't go to far to say nero isn't burn friendly, but it does a great job of converting Divx to DVD-R format :D