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Can anyone recommend a good DVD ripper, so I can make "backups" of my DVDs. Free preferably, and easy to use.

They will be for playing back on a DVD player.

While not free, anydvd, it runs in the background and decrypts DVDs on the fly so any DVD is presented to your pc as encryption free. You can then use whatever DVD copy software you like which will see any DVD as copyright free and copy it without problem. There's nothing it's failed to deal with, I was so impressed I paid for it without reservation, money well spent in my opinion. You can trial it to see for yourself. Google it.


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dvdfab, dvd shrink and nero are your friends here.
I've used DVD Decrypter in combination with DVD Shrink, both free.
There are two ways of doing it - you can either rip it or copy it - ripping means its recoded to a format playable only by PC and some very select DVD players depending on what you recode to - I would recomend DivX as its by far the best space wise. Copying will copy and if needed reduce the size from DVD9 to DVD5. I tend to use DVD Magic Copier and DVD Magic Ripper - the copier will even just copy the main body of the movie and leave out all the extras and other bollocks they tend to add in as filler.
I realise that a lot of you probably know all this, just trying to be of help as I notice there are people of all knowledge / skill levels on here. If its any kind of litmus test the Home Server here, at home has about 6TB of 'backed up' movies on it - the server is not so big, the space required to store / shelve the actual films is huge, so for me its a practical solution as the server is also a media server and can connect to the TV via a number of means (Playstation /Xbox etc) and when you have that many films stuff stored alphabetically is a Godsend.

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