DVD ripping and converting.

Trying to rip and convert a few DVD'S onto a portable hard drive/stick/memory card. The few programs I've tried have either left a watermark over the picture, not been able to get past the copyright or not converted the audio properly. I'm a bit of a tech biff so simple to use is the order of the day. I did a quick search for previous posts but they're all a bit old so wondered if anyone had any up to date ideas.

If you have blu-rays to rip as well, makeMKV is about the only package I know that can decode them and remove DRM. Unfortunately it's on a limited license, so if you want to use it for longer than the 30-day trial period, you have to pay 40-ish quid to unlock it.
I used to use Auto Gordian Knot and it could do just about anything video file wise, but took a bit of learning. Not used the latest version, might be a bit less fiddly, worth a look..


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I started ripping years ago and ended up downloading other peoples work as it was easier and they were better at it than I was.

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