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As an extension to the Book Reviews we have now started to review DVDs and hope that this will be as successful as the Book Review section has become. That will only come about if the reviews are read and possibly commenbted on.

To start this off, Pen & Sword have given us some to review and the first two have just been put up on the DVD Review Section which can be found here. DVD Review Section

The first two are:

Waterloo Part 3 - The Cavalry Charge
Assault on Normandy - Pegasus Bridge

Have a look and support the site. If you wish to buy (or 'suggest' that this/these would make an excellent present :) ) then use the links to buy through ARRSE thus bringing some income, albeit small, back to the site. All is very welcome.

Like the book club this section will not be purely dedicated to military subjects and we hope to expand it as we go along. Another new DVD is a naval one which is the subject of a competition. Naval Reviews 1914-1938
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