DVD region unlocking codes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Filbert Fox, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Im too stingey to pay for a multi-region DVD player when my existing player is still working.
    Does anyone know the web site for getting the codes for unlocking DVDs so they play any region DVDs?
    Its a JVC.
  2. Just go to Google and type in your make and model then add '+multiregion' (without the quotes at the end. You should find something there. Remember though. Not all players are multi region capable.
  3. What's the model number mate?
  4. For best results, pour melted cheese in the front and lob in in the tumble drier.

    If it still hasn't opened to 'any region' hit it with a chisel.

    It may not work first time, I've tried on seven different ones and Ive yet to manage it but I'll persevere
  5. You are slipping MDN
    You completely forgot your "lag on it" approach :wink:
  6. its a JVC XV-S302
  7. From : http://planetdvd.net/discussion/messages/4398.htm


  8. cheers, just off to give it a go
  9. damn, tried it, all went well, then when I went to play the DVD and got the region error message!!
  10. Did you manage to get it to read exactly "00A0 0000"?
    From reading some other forums about this, some people are unable to get that displayed correctly.


  11. Managed that, which was good, going to try it again this evening, if I can get it that far its got to work.
    Probably have to be more carefull and pay more attention.
  12. make sure you make it a region 0 to make it a multi region
  13. not relevant to this paticular case but DVD genie does this for power DVD