DVD Player software recommendations

Anyone recommend a free Dvd Player software doodah(Technical Term).
Ideally with the Ability to capture stills.

Free or cheap as poss as I'm skint.
Just the job, I'm now happy as Larry(who?) printing stills of shoplifters from my cctv system.
Msr I found its quicker to right click and save as a jpg. Thanks again to you and Ripper.
Cpl_Ripper I downloaded the free 30 day trial of Pixelmetrics used it to capture 1 pic and then set my avg to scan my Pooter and now when I come back to use it, I just get a message telling me that my free trial has expired?? It was very easy to use though.
DVD Flick

You can probably search on bittorrent for dvdflick_setup_1.3.0.0_beta_build616.exe

I think it's free
I'm getting a load of software and my Pc Pimped by a guy in computer shop near work, The owner was getting a serious amount of Racist greif this morning, when I went in for a nosy. I dealt with the racist tosspot in a firm Manner :batman: got the usual threats from the tosspot once he was 20 yards away. Sorted the shop out with one of my sites radio for a couple of days in case the tosspot comes back. Result one very thankful shop owner.
Ask me what I was coming in for, told him about the dvd situation. I can sort that says he. What RAM you running?
512Mb says me
he says "I think you find that will 2gig soon",

See sometime nice things happen.

Probably get run over tomorrow. :roll:

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