DVD OUT TODAY Young soldier film Broken Britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by asha, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. I am a film-maker from manchester and have been given a grant to make a short film about army life, this is a fiction film and i want to get my facts correct, so i want to speak to Officers and Soldiers that can help me make a positive, TRUTHFUL film about a soldiers life on leave after returning from conflict,

    I want to give you a voice, and this will be a film i want to sit in the audience with you and watch togehter, so iam not going to Hollywood it up or make up untruths,

    the film is about Honour to the civvie street family and the family within the regiment, and when a situation arises and you are given a choice, which way do you go, and how is this choice made.

    If you are intreasted in helping, and proofing the script and getting involved please e-mail me at info@asha-media.com

    many thanks Mark Ashmore (Director)
  2. why if its fiction?
  3. I presume he means that he is addressing a factual situation/issue via a ficticious storyline in order to illustrate his point in a more entertaining manner than a straight documentary.

    Out of interest, what amount is the grant? And is this a real film that could be seen in cinemas (eventually) or just some poxy student film?

    p.s. dont do the whole "war is hell" crap, it's been done to death and most soldiers dont agree with that philosophy.
  4. bloody hell! You certainly hold yourself in high regard Mark. your own website,

    "Mark works worldwide, but his home for the moment is in Manchester, in the United Kingdom. Mark Works in TV, Film and Theatre both as an Actor and Director."

    "Mark will consider low paid independent films and Film student final Projects too, but please contact his Agent first and send a script or treatment for Mark to consider."

    all hail Mark...

    An actor, director and model? I now have a strong dislike to you already.
    Your websites good for a laugh though!
  5. Who or which organisation provided the grant?
  6. Don't think we should write him off so soon.

    What's the general outline mate?
  7. Despite my comments above I'm rather intrigued by your "story". post the basic story/PM the script to me.
  8. oldbaldy

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  9. nice work, thats the sort of banter i need in the script see, go watch my other films, you can find them on my wesite or www.asha-media.com , this one i just took to the cannes film festival www.yourstate.co.uk

    its not a student job, grants from north west vision and media, not much only 2k, and most people will be working for free, so like i said, i make all the choices,

    as for the picture, thats my blue steel look.
  10. This 10min short film is about 2 soliders coming back from Afghanistan after surivving a road side bomb in which 2 other best friends and soldiers where killed because the Landrover they where in was not protected properly. on leave, on the last night, after the wake, in a club, one of them wants to leave the army, the other wants revenge for his dead friends, but when Amy the girlfriend of one of the soldiers reveals she is pregnant, the soldier who vowed revenge must decide which family he will honour.
  11. so where is the script then!
    And it better be good!
  12. exactly, thats why i need your input, so rip the idea, but expand it, thats the starting point,

    constructive, to the point comments, and it can develop

    what would you like to see, thats not been done already and can be made in manchester for 2k.
  13. mark-check your PM's! 2 from me.
  14. watch it then give your verdict, i wrote it after seeing what pol pot had done in Cambodia at S21 when i traveled there in 2005 (yes after uni :D ) and also reflects on the regime in burma and Zimbabwe, no student politics. real shit
  15. Can you confirm that it will be in no way anti military, there are more than enough documentarys and fictional programs that are.

    Also is it going to be a PTSD grief fest?