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DVD movies to MP4 conversion?

There are various ways this can be done, but I am no expert.

However one method invovles a TV capture card. For digitising training DVD's, i connect the DVD player to the TV capture card, and Mixcrosoft basic video tool will convert it tinot a format for windows media palyer.

This is a more specialsied forum for things technical. http://www.avforums.com/forums/index.php

This is very much focussed on PSP video conversion, but works equally well for your mobile (it won't do anythiong about the poor choice of music you have on it though :D )

The Packages you need for ripping DVD’s to Mpeg4 are:-

DVD Decrypter available at http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/dvd_rippers/dvd_decrypter.cfm

PSP Video 9 available at http://www.pspvideo9.com/

A good tutorial on how to do it, and setting the software up is:- http://psp.turbosweet.com/_files/tutorials/dvd_to_psp/dvdpsp.htm
For your phone simply set up a smaller video size.

Hope that helps.
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