DVD into powerpoint. Help required please.


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Having no luck in the computer forum think i'll drop it here too.
Any chance you clever boys and gals can see me right.
I type like a Preying Mantis and aint too t'internet literate.
Need to drop some stuff i have on DVD into a presentation. (and i dont wanna pay for it either!)
Cheers in advance



I am running 2003 office, run PPT and on the main tool bar click insert it will give you the option for pictures, movies and sounds.

Hope that helps :thumright:


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Sorry some stuff means a video clip yeah sorry Adj Sir.
I managaed a ham fisted affair to get it onto windows movie maker just to find out that isnt recognized by powerpoint!
I have to stay around powerpoint 2000 as 2003 fecks everyone else slides up!



I'm no expert on this and I'm away to my wee bed soon but here goes...

You need to 'rip' the bit of the DVD you want from the format it comes in (that'll be normal DVD format that probably has some geeky name) into something more useful like Mpeg or WMV (smaller, more usable format - most of the 'funnies' people will send you will be in this format...)...

I found a thing called ImTOO DVD ripper and it did the trick. You'll need a key generator to get passed the security features...

This asked me what chapter I wanted to rip, what language, what sound type (5.1 or 2.0)...

It can take a wee while to do a chapter...

Once you've got your chapter into the new format, you can edit this with moviemaker or something similar to make the movie file you want to use in your powerpoint.

That's it.

Good luck and take a ten stretch (my Mrs is a REME Capt and knows where you live)...


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Will she do it for me then?
I feel like ive done a ten stretch already!
Im at me whits end! I will have a butchers for this ripper then.
I tried loadsa stuff but it always adds their little 'this fella didnt pay for this version of ripperthingmebob'
For crying out loud i only wanna get some dog porn into a 'dont do drugs' seminar for skool kids.
Yours crossed eyed
(and if she really is your missus.......ding dong Sir thats all ill say on the matter, jammy get)

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