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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by ex_donkey_man, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Right, I've got a Samsung SH893M DVD/HDD recorder. Fab bit of kit, records everything I want (usually) and I can burn anything from the HDD straight to DVD, like my daughters programmes and military stuff for me! Mrs EDM doesn't care about that.

    Problem is that about a week ago, it seemed to be struggling to burn the discs. Then 2 days ago it played DVD's, but the stalled slightly, so played but froze a bit and then carried on, froze, etc.

    I have taken the lid of it and off the DVD player. I've cleaned the lens with alcohol and the oiled the runners and it played about 3 DVD's fine, but now is struggling again. I'm going to get a DVD head cleaner today, just incase, but does anyone have any good ideas what it could be?

    My only options left are -
    1) DVD head cleaner works - fab
    2) Get a new DVD reader - But it's a DVD+R/RW drive model TS-P632 and the only place I have seen them is in the USA for $25.00 plus shipping - asked on the cost of that.
    3) Get a new one Mrs EDM wants it from John Lewis (posh cow) due to the warranty, but it still leaves me with about 50 hours of TV on the HDD that means I've to connect them up together and copy programmes as I watch them and THEN burn them, or try to swap the HDD over for a short period.

    Just to point out that the DVD is not on a belt drive, just 2 runners and I guessing it's electrical on little wheels that you can't see (due to slides on the runners).

    Any constructive help would be good.

    Cheers EDM
  2. Sounds like the DVD drive needs to be recalibrated (it's likely to have lost its correct focal length), which is virtually impossible to do.

    The eBay seller below seems to have some parts for this model, maybe give him a shout and see if he has a suitable drive?

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  3. Bigs thanks for that one Sauce, never looked at it from that angle. Found a computer guy that does DVD drives, so might take it to him (while I'm there) to see if he has a DVD that fits, if it does, then try it. If it still fails - then it must be the mother board or that item you found for me.

  4. Does the DVD have standard IDE or SATA data and power cables? Ask google if ide/sata unkown.

    If it does, connect one from a PC/Laptop and see if it works.
  5. It's fucked.

    My Panasonic DVD(R) machine - 50th B/Day prezzie died the same way after a mere half-decade.

    After 2 yrs, I invested (at Xmas) in a HUMAX Fox T2 receiver. With a simple firmware upgrade, and a USB external HDD, it became a very user-friendly Personal Video Recorder.

    I haven't yet sussed how to copy movies off the Linux-format HDD to another Windows-format storage, but pretty sure it's do-able.

    As a family, we're rapidly moving away from DVD for any use.
  6. Get a Dreambox, and add an internal HDD. Voila, the best satellite tuner by far, and a perfectly good PVR.
  7. I disagree, if hdd recording still works it is not "f***ed". I too have a Panasonic HDD/DVD-R, sadly the DVD is "f***ed", cleaning didn't help and it's not an ide/sata std dvd. However, HDD is a std ide and I replaced with a pc pull to keep it working which is great imho. Only downside is firmware sets max hdd size as 40GB regardless of hdd true size.

    BUT it still records and plays back and £saved so all happy here.
  8. What is the model number of the panasonic, pcar?
  9. Panasonic DMR-HS2
  10. Out of curiosity had a gander for custom firmware. Apparently there was an upgrade available that allowed for an 80gb disk to be used.
  11. iirc that was for a non-UK one (Japan? Oz?) and didn't work on UK versions