DVD drive problem

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by BossHogg, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. I hope you fine ARRSErs can help me. My DVD drive is playing up, It''ll burn and play music cds, but it doesn't recognise DVDs/DVD ROMs when I put them in the drive. I have DVD software on my computer to allow me to play DVDs. Windows Media player and Real player also fail to recognise them, any suggestions?
  2. Ok a bit obvious but I'll ask, you sure its a DVD drive and not a CDROM drive?
  3. I was thinking the same alternatly check all your drivers are up to date download "driver detective" that is a good way or just go into "device manager" in your control panel and make sure your DVD drive is: a. listed b. working and c. driver up to date.

    Finaly check the dvds are compatable with your drive ie if you have a DVD +R drive it may not play DVD -R discs.

    hope that helps if not let me know more details and i can try and help
  4. I have 2 drives, a CD/RW drive and a DVD/RW drive. Both have the correct up to date drivers.
  5. This happened to my old Dell Latitude and it's exotic DVD/CD drive at Crimbo, According to the g/f, it's "good" and "well don't play DVDs on it then". "You shouldn't be playing DVDs while I'm here anyway". Conveniently forgetting she'd tracked down and bought me Blackadder Series 4 - Blackadder Goes Forth [1989].

    I have a cunning and probably deadly plan to fire up the XP Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device manager to get the CD/DVD drive spec, and then google it with the exact spec to track down the firmware download site. As Baldrick would say, sounds like "gobbleaduke", but it might just work - If I wasn't such a pussy and knew what I was doing :roll:

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  6. Sound like you need up to date DVD codecs for your player

    There is a thread for AVL, i downloaded it and it plays virtually everything.
  7. A little more info might help with a solution, does your drive fail to read the disk entirely or does it detect the disk just not the contents??

    if it is the first then it sounds like a problem either with the drive or the DVD's you are trying to play, try other DVD's and try your dvds in other computer drives

    if is is the latter it could be the region coding on your drive is set to a different region or as bipolar said you need up to date codecs the best software i have found is "divx" google it and download the player and codecs.

    If you need more help i need more info
  8. I gave up in the end and bought a new one. It only cost me £16 and it's working fine and doing everything asked of it :wink: