DVD CD RW drive problem

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by supermatelot, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. Installed Win 7 Ultimate on my Scaleo 6405. The Fujitsu Siemems website says this PC is not supported by Win7 (it was originally XP media edition).

    Only problem I have noticed though is the DVD CD drive is selective in what it loads. It plays some DVDs / games but not others. Sometimes it will read Disc 1 but when it comes to inserting disc 2 it does not detect.

    The DVD drive is an NEC and I have tried re-flashing it but to no avail. The NEC site says the drive is no longer supported and so...no Win 7 drivers.

    Anybody got an ideas how to work around this without having to fit a new drive?
    Could it be a bios problem? Could I try using Vista drivers? I have used Drivermax and updated all detected drivers to their most recent also. Device manager does however show one unknown device in the USB controllers. It wont let me update the drivers for it though as it says it has the most recent driver already.


  2. Am sure Msr will solve this shortly - he is the font of knowledge
  3. Sounds like a driver issue, have you loaded the correct chipset driver for your motherboard?
  4. Unfortunately, unless it is a really popular drive and the manufacturer can be persuaded to provide suitable drivers, I think you are stuffed!

  5. msr

    msr LE

    Unlikely to be a BIOS problem, but you could check by going into the BIOS at bootup and see that the drive is visible.

    I don't think Vista drivers will help here.

    I have tried Drivermax and it offered 3 updates. In the spirit of science I installed them one by one and lost keyboard, then monitor, then mouse, so have binned it and will not be sending the developers a Christmas card this year.

    Unless you are connecting it via USB, then I don't think that is relevant.

    In my opinion the drive is probably just wearing out (how old is it?) a new one is not expensive: £18.67 from http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/Samsung-SH-S222L-BEBE-22x-DVDRW-IDE-Dual-Layer-Lightscibe-Drive-%28Black%29-OEM

    Either that, or some of your discs may be badly scratched and it is unable to read them.

  6. The drive (and PC) is 4 years old. It just seemed coincidental that the snags started when I did a clean install of Win 7. It's a pretty basic spec PC anyway so will probably just bite the bullet and get a decent PC and use my current one as a guinea pig.

    Cheers for the advice anyway :eek:
  7. Supermatelot, it seems you aren't the only one:

  8. Yeah, I've been all over the internet and it does seem to be a problem for many. My DVD CD is an NEC DVD RW ND 4551A, I've re-flashed it and this morning re-flashed my bios to Vista Ultimate version figuring out that as my previous BIOS was the original 2006 version for XP the Vista would be somewhere nearer the mark.

    It's bloody frustrating! Everything I never really bother with loads perfectly, everything I would like to use is not recognised. Sod's law is shiT!

    And now I've got issues with BT and the IP profile i'm currently on...750kbps - from 2M the other day!!!

    GGGrrrr....it's wine-o-clock :evil: