DVD burning.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by inbredyokel666, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know any free software to burn dvd's from mpeg/avi/divx/MP4 files, so they'll play on an ordinary stand-alone R2 standard format dvd player please?
  2. ConvertXtoDVD. Use it all the time, great program.
  3. Softeware you would need is: Virtualdub,tmpegenc,tmpgenc dvd authoring, dvd santa,codex, are an example.

    I myself use Virtualdub,tmpegenc,tmpgenc dvd authoring.
    One little tip when you have the movie you wish to convert right click on it go to propertys and see what frame rate it is if it is 25 fps it is pal (UK) any other and it will be NTSC (USA) try to convert it and keep the same frame rate this improves quality i.e. (no frame stutter) also use a region free software such as slysoft which allows it to play in any stand alone dvd.

    For more info try this link: http://www.videohelp.com/tools
    The above link also give you access in how to make your dvd region free and also how to change the settings on your dvd player so to play vcd,svcd and some time avi/divx formats most dvd players have secret menus which you can access through the dvd remotes
  4. thanks for the help folks.
  5. try dvdshrink I use it all the time, free download and p$$s easy to use
  6. Resurrecting this thread, apologies for that, but I've been playing around with "media" trying to author DVD's to play on a home DVD, but finding things not so straightforward as I'd like . I needed Codecs, K-Lite Codec Pack sorted that, for working with MP4 audio-videos (and the myriad of other formats). DVD's might be ideal and cheap :) Crimbo presents, compilations of people's favourite videos, projects and family photos. I've even managed to burn a DVD, with a menu, and which actually works in my DVD tray, though I'm not sure whether it'll play on our DVD players.

    This really is a complicated subject but great fun when you get stuck in with Youtube Downloader I am currently playing around with free version DVD-Flick and Sothink DVD Movie Maker . Unless you purchase "Sothink Movie-DVD Maker Pro", you'll get an unexpected and unwelcome splash screen between video tracks and I'm looking for a free DVD authoring program that won't do this. DVD-Flick seems simple to use, and so far it's pretty quick. The only thing I have to get to grips with is getting the home made DVDs to run on a machine without fannying about.

    I've yet to look at DVD Shrink, as mentioned on these boards, but when you get started with all this it's all confusing but thoroughly absorbing. The penny's dropped a bit, and am afraid nothing and no-one is safe, my Nokia N97, other people's videos, my film camera, Fuji compact, and every one who'll listen, will be fair game this Crimbo.
  7. Fully agree, I have tried & tested as many DVD burning software's available on the market that I can think of but Convertxtodvd is so quick, easy & simple to use

    I have used DVD Shrink for basic DVD back ups's in the past but it's personnel preference of what suits the end user the bets...
  8. Get yourself a portable Media drive and cut out DVDs altogether. Download films onto your PC and just copy them across to the Media Drive disconnect from PC plug drive via HDMI cable into the TV and away you go. Have about 40 films stored on mine plus a few TV series like Band of Brothers and The Pacific plus it pays for itself because you don't have to keep buying DVDS.
  9. Agreed. Sounds a better option :) would you suggest versatile and quality machines by any chance ? We have looked at some but expert suggestions on these boards would be welcomed. Thanks and regards. Trem.
  10. Deep Burner is the best and simplest burner i've ever used...Highly recommended because it burns almost all formats, and is widely available and most importantly it's FREE!!
  11. Does anyone have a code for these burners as all of them leave a watermark on your film, i have a mp4 file of a film about royalty with a speech impediment and want to burn it onto dvd so it works in parents Panasonic dvd player
  12. Deepburner doesn't leave a 'watermark'.
  13. Two hardware solutions, both of them from Ebuyer (not to be confused with eBAY!)
    First Alternative: Consider replacing your DVD Player. You can get a modern one for around £25 that regards DVDs in the same way that your PC does - as just a storage medium for DATA. You can burn .avi files to DVD without converting them and the player will read them. Downside... you still need to buy blank DVDs (for about 20-25p each) but one (4.5 Gigabyte) DVD will now store many 90 minute (approximately 750 megabytes) movies, or even more TV shows (about 350 Megabytes per episode)
    Second Alternative: An inexpensive Media Player. If you're a techie (professional, like me, or an amateur) you can buy one without a hard drive and fit one of the spares you have sitting around in the drawer labelled "spares". I bought one of these (Branded "Emprex") a few weeks back for my son, who's currently at University. It cost me £20, although there's also a model available for just £10. Fitting the hard drive is a doddle (if you can change the fuse in a plug, you can fit a hard drive in one of these babies!) Works with either ATA, PATA or SATA 3.5" hard drives, as there's an adaptor included. Plugs into your TV set, you format and divide the hard drive space into two "partitions" - the first acts as a Digital PVR (like a VCR, but records from your TV to hard drive, not tape) the second acts as an external hard drive, and can be pugged in to your PC via a USB cable, and you simply copy video files across. Plug it back into the TV set, and you can watch 'em on TV... without having to convert them first. I dropped an old 160 Gigabyte Hard Drive into my son's Emprex gizmo, split the drive 40/60, and dumped about 80 movies on it, plus a couple of complete TV series. (No, thinking about it, it was EIGHT complete series of "Peep Show").

    Either solution will fulfil you needs, and neither of them costs more than £30 delivered...