DVD box sets - recommendations?

Any recommendations for decent DVD box sets? Preferably of a similar ilk to the West Wing, Band of Brothers, Frasier, American Dad, the Prisoner etc.


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Very wide selection of genres there, Arte. Last ones I bought were Rome, series one and two.

Always fun.
Soldier, Soldier is available as a DVD set. Enjoy watching well scripted episodes with the occasional military howler to brighten up your life.
Ultimate Farce

and if you like old films the Powell and Pressberger box set is wonderfulhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Powell-Pressburger-Collection-Dirk-Bogarde/dp/B000HRLWR6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1214258516&sr=1-1
For some cracking edge-of-the-seat entertainment, try "24" and "Prison Break".
They're both really slick episodic thrillers with good plots, interesting characters and genuinely surprising cliffhangers.


Sixty said:
Very wide selection of genres there, Arte. Last ones I bought were Rome, series one and two.

Always fun.
Seconded for the Rome series, both good.

Sharpe boxed set is good value on Amazon - I was surprised how many I had missed on the telly.
I would have said for definate band of brothers if you never mentioned :D

I'm quite a big fan of dumb stuff like the Jackass, Viva La Bam, Dirty Sanchez box sets....... good for when youve had a few bevvies in you with a few mates around!
May I suggest something along your original lines.


Although made in the 1980's it tells the story of a bunch of Aussies in WW1.
Absolutely superb.

Have a ANZAC Link

"Boston Legal"

3 series on DVD another one to come.

Hilarious courtroom antics - Shatner pokes fun at himself all the time. Get season one and you will be hooked.

For more serious boxed set action try "The Wire" - underfunded cops trying to mount covert ops on drug dealers - written by ex cop - 4 seasons of that out on DVD with another on the way.

"The Shield" for a modern anti-hero cop - you love him despite the bad things he does. 6 or 7 seasons of those out there.

I got "Foyles War" dirt cheap from amazon and have enjoyed dipping into those from time to time. WW2 cop dealing with mundane and not so mundane life as a south-east coast detective.

These are my faves of the moment. "The Wire" is probably the series least known over here but is grown up telly.

My 2p worth
Fishcakes said:
Dexter. This is a new series taken from the Jeff Linsay books. If you want something dark this is the way forward

I'll second that. Well scripted, good characters all centred around a 'Death Wish' theme... cops can prove, Dexter deals with in his job as a forensic scientist working for the police. Clever indeed.
Just got the Sharpe box set. Awesome. Good value. There's about 15 episodes, each an hour and a half in length.
Surprised nobody's mentioned it yet but how about Deadwood, Season 1, 2 and 3. Best Western yet, and the character played by Ian McShane is terrific.

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