DVD 2012 Auction items

I have returned from 2 days at the DVD 2012 with a bag of goodies donated by the traders for Hols4heros.

I have;

Backpacks and torches donated by HDT,

T shirt, ID wallet and goggles donated by Edgar Brothers of Macclesfield,

T shirts and mouse mats donated by SUPACAT of Honiton,

T shirt by Terberg DTS UK LTD,

Base ball cap donated by CREATION UK,

Base ball cap and mini rugby balls donated by GGR GROUP,

Shot glasses X 6 donated by AeroGlow of Gillingham, who recommend to drink (ir) responsible!

A number of pot mugs (Supacat, AeroGlow) which I have donated to the RBL Riders Branch (Bedfordshire) due to having problems in posting them.

I will give full credit to the donators in each indiviual auction.

I intend to spead the auction out over a few months.

I would like to thank the donators for thier support and trust they did not think I was too cheeky in my requests.
My computer is playing up sothere may be a delay in posting pictures of the lots to be auctioned.

I will be auctioning off in 8 lots and will be advertised as seperate lots.

Some of the smaller items will be given to a fellow ARRSER to sell on a stall to raise fund for Hols4heros.

Mugs donated to Beds Branch of the RBL Riders due to postage problems.


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The first batch have been closed as requested, DB216. Thank you so much for organising this and for your continued support.

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