DVD 2008

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Vaughany, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. I may be going to DVD 2008 at Millbrook. Should I take money or try to scrounge?
    Also, if i do have to take money, what sort of stuff is available?

    Standing by to be called a tit :D
  2. I didnt spend a thing last year and came back armed with all sorts of goodies.
  3. As BoSmoke says, go to the right stands and you will come back with mugs, pens, torches, calenders all sorts!
    Go to the wrong stands and you come away with a business card!
    Top tips...
    If you have any vehicle type role in the mil, then when you apply for your ID badge, "expand" on your job title. You will then experience the "DVD Look". This is where military contractor salesmen looks down at your badge, clock if you seem important enough, then decide if your worth freebies or FREEBIES!
    For this year, as its my 3rd time and im actually involved in a new vehicle project (not SV), i can "expand" easier! :wink:
    Another top tip...
    Get there early on either day and head straight for the Jag/Land Rover stand. Then book yourself for a test drive in RR Sport/Discovery or the like. It gets booked up quickly so get there early.
    3rd Top Tip...
    Get yourself to Millbrook on a trial of some sorts and get the Millbrook Test Track Licence. This makes it easier to blag a drive in the many trucks/vehicles that go around the test tracks.
    (admittedly this is a bit hard to do, but worth a try).
    Dont be shy about going into the hospitality tents. Again using your "expanded" job title should get you plenty of scoff! Apart from the ABRO tent, which as harder security then your average camp! I have yet to crack this one, but intend to this year! :twisted:

    All in all, its good "work time" day out. You will see mil vehicles that you may not see anywhere else. And besides all that, the exhibition girls at the entrance and drive you around in the minibuses are quite tasty! :D
  4. Yeah, slight problem with the job blagging. I'm not in the mil and it's only possible that I'm going. I might be helping display with SSI Shaeffer with their new flexi-palets.
  5. Shaeffer!!!!! As i have thousands of your product at my place, ill steer clear of you then! :roll:
    But my tip about the Jag Land Rover thing applies even more for you, as you can put your name down before we even get in!! :wink: