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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by scouse_scribes, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. How long does a DV clearance remain valid for? I've been out of the mob for about 12 years now and I am applying for jobs that require security clearance. I was subject to a DV clearance pretty much until the day I left.

    With my work its a bit of a catch 22 situation, you can't get a clearance unless you have a job and you can't get the job unless you have the clearance.

    Any ideas? I know its a bit sensitive so a PM will do

    Cheers guys
  2. 5 or 10 years I think can't remember which :?
  3. i think it's a new check every five years after the age of 21
  4. Yes DV 5 years, SC 10 Years


    You marry, co-habit etc, then a review is required.
  5. As said, its 5 years, but usually once you are no longer in a post that requires the DV then it is withdrawn.
    I was in a job that required it, was posted after 2 years, returned to the job 2 years later and had to be cleared again, although the process was more like the one to have it reviewed (interviewed a collegue who had known me during this period) as all the donkey work had obviously been done 4 years before.
  6. 5 years for SC as well I think you will find, had mine in 2003, renewed this January, currently going through DV process :x
  7. Right.....here we go again.

    SC will lapse automatically after 12 months if you're not in a post/job that requires it.

    DV lapses straight away I believe, although it may be 12 months as well.
  8. ...also if you have SC/DV within the military, leave and are then employed on the Civ side, it all has to be done again apparantly..
  9. Not if it's still current.
  10. Your initial DV clearance is for 5 years (if you're over the age of 21 when you received it) and upon renewal, it is valid for 7 years (or as long as you need it for your role).
  11. DV Valid for 7 years from renewal. If you leave from a DV role, depending where and how long you have left on it, it may hold although your new firm may put you through it from scratch. Civilians require to renew DV's every 3 years.
  12. Cheers for all the answers guys

    Looks like catch 22 has claimed another victim. Back to the drawing board