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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Cider_Glider, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Now i know this maybe in the wrong forum so MODs feel please move if necessary.

    I was speaking to a mate of mine in the ACF and he was asking if my vetting status, DV, included the same checks that CRB did. Now I said i knew that DV was obviously a much more in depth look at a persons background etc, and as far as I am aware CRB is basically a PNC check and....well...thats about it.

    So the question I put out to you is, does DV include the same checks that are conducted as part of the CRB??

    In your own time......go on!

  2. The answer, mate, is yes - and more. Basically anyone who holds current DV status will have automatically been subject to initial checks that are far beyond CRB in nature, and are also subject to annual line-manager's verification. In some instances, individuals who have DV and then require CRB checks for external, unassociated purposes (i.e. youth football teams, scouts, beavers, etc) normally receive the latter in a matter of 2 - 3 weeks. Hope this helps.
  3. Cheers mate, it wasnt really a matter of life and death or anything, but it was discussed over a few pints, and now i have an excuse to explain it over some more this weekend! Cheers DH.

  4. On a point of order:

    I do not know of a single organisation that deals with children or teenagers that recognises a DVA security clearance as proof of CRB clearance.

    The Law of the land says that have to ask for a CRB certificate. I strongly suggest that your mate fills out the forms for the CRB certificate before someone suggests that he might be trying to hide something.

    Any agency that works in an area that requires CRB checks, can also refuse to port your exisiting cert over and demand you apply for a fresh one.

    The CRB certificate will probably come back with your friends name spelt wrong, but at least the law has been upheld!
  5. I think you got the wrong end of the stick Subbsonic. my mate HAS CRB and I have DV, HE was asking what the difference was, I explained what the DV process, but I couldnt definitavely give an answer on CRB, but thanks to the glorious ARRSE, I can now take him an answer.

    Cheers for the imput tho Sub.

  6. Theoretically if you have CRB or other equivalent, such as DV, it should be recorded on the system against your national insurance number. Having DV just makes it quicker to get the CRB clearance.
  7. Hmm.

    A new CRB check is needed for each new organisation (that requires them) that you are applying to work for.

    E.g. If you are a teacher you will be CRBed for the school that you are working in, but you won't be CRBed to work in another school! Crazy innit?
  8. i don't think that's crazy at all. what's to stop a paedophile moving from school to school if CRB checks aren't updated? shouldn't be reliant on a reference from the old school to say "oh yes, he decided to move on after that ugly little business with the police and a 9 year old girl."
  9. CRB no longer supports portability but individual organisations are able to risk-manage the issue themselves.

    EG: If a member of staff in an LEA moves from one school to another just down the road.

    However, like an MOT certificate or an MBMM matrix, it is only as good as the day it came off the printer. An industry insider believes that there are a number of CRB certificates in circulation for people who do not exist. This throws further light on the reliability of such documents.

    As with any other form of evaluation: Always seek collateral ;-)
  10. I thought she was 16!! *ahem* Oh, I see....

    Seriously though, if you were convicted of anything then surely it'd end up on your criminal record and you wouldn't be allowed anywhere near a school?
  11. forgive me for being dense. i thought that was what a CRB check was for?
  12. Come to think of it, I'm not 100% sure myself now. The CRB is to see if there is anything on your record or past that would make you unsuitable to work with kids or vulnerable adults.

    However, if you were on any lists you'd presumably have been convicted of something and would therefore have a record that would be checked!?
  13. is it not a Criminal Records Bureau check...? to check your Criminal Records?

    presumably Ian Huntley et al wouldn't just volunteer his tendencies on a job application to work with children.

    ok found this:

  14. Cheers.

    So basically its checking multiple agencies with any extra information that might be "floating" around.
    "relevant and proportionate information held by the local police forces."

    What does this mean?
  15. it means you won't get a job working with children if you're a paedophile.

    oh, unless a police force forgot to update the computer.

    or had numerous complaints against you but didn't want to compromise your human rights by recording it anywhere.


    well, you get the idea. in theory, it's supposed to root out the ian huntleys of this world and stop them getting such jobs BEFORE they murder little children.

    but no system is perfect.