Duz burds dancin with their tampons hangin oot excite ye?


Been lurking for an age, but as NAAFI seems to have missed Britney Spears dancing around with her tampon hanging ootside her gusset this week; I decided this was the type of special occasion a first post should always demand from a user.

I was half expecting one of the ensemble of male dancers to pull it off and suck it suggestively as part of the routine. Oh well.


So many things we girls have to check..........

Check leg wax
Check p ussy wax
Check underarm wax
Check hair
Check makeup
Check clothes
Check handbag
Check man
Check............now what was it?

8O :oops:
I didn't open your link,
Believe me when I say I can truely live without seeing that. Bah I come from an era when the sight of a well trimmed ankle was enough to stir a fellow on. 8O
Used to tie knots in an ex Burds tampon while she slept...then pull it out with the gap in my teeth.....what ever happend to those panty pads with wings........

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