Duty travel to military courses question

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by streakyb, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi All,
    I have a question regarding duty travel to courses,
    I am in Germany and am on a course in the UK, I am aware of the need to use the cheapest travel method, but am i only able to use the way the travel clerk tells me, for example i have to leave ridiculously early by taxi then wait at the air port for the 'trooper flight' then mess about with buses & taxis in the UK then for the return i have to stay at a hotel over night more taxis and buses all because i have to catch the 'trooper'
    When i asked about how much this route costs i was told its the cheapest route as its paid for by different budgets.

    My question is is there away i can travel in my car pay the ferry and then claim up to the cost of the 'cheapest' route, I am not trying to gain anything except and easier trip.

    Sorry if this question went on a bit any advice will be greatfuly recieved
  2. Just whack it through JPA
  3. i had experience of this some years ago when i was posted in BFG.

    Our budman kindly put a case together showing the difference between using the service travel incl taxis, buses etc and giving me MMA from birmingham to wherever the course was. the latter was much cheaper and my boss agreed.

    it didn't cover the entire costs, but with a cheap internet ferry, BFG fuel coupons and the fact that the cse was closer to dover than birmingham i was only out of pocket by a few quid, it was far more conveninet, i saved the tax-payer a few bob plus i had the added luxury of having my own car with me on cse for a month - a no brainer really!
  4. Here here, common sense prevails.

  5. I've had this before. "We cant give you money for fuel to take your own car because that comes out the Unit budget, but we CAN get you a hire car and a fuel card"!

    The bummer about doing that on a 2 week course is you dont have the car to go home with at the weekend, even if it's still sat on the car park "awaiting collection".

    I'd love to know how much we waste doing crap like that.
  6. I've actually saved the bastards some money this week whilst on my rivetting course by staying in my own house (no hotel bills) and using my own car to get up here. "Why don't you take the train or use a hire car?" - Have a word.

    OK - so I don't get to stay in that plush hotel at Scotch Corner (like some of the poor lads on the course had to), but I get to sleep in my own bed every night and walk round nekked if I want to without Yorkshire's Finest being called out to arrest me. Oh, and I get to kick the dog as well, every time that the Begging Bowl thread goes off the front page. (Slight hint there :wink: )
  7. Of course you can - it is referred to as "own way travel" your travel clerk wont like it as it means he actually has to do acost comparison and then pay you the maximum amount that the military would have spent had you gone by military means. You can use your own car and whatever means you wish to cross the channel. there is no compulsion to use the tropper despite what they will threaten you with.
  8. Tell the COC you want a Chinook both ways , If Windsor sprogs can use them for their private taxis why not the real soldiers ??
  9. Hmm this situation is wide spreed that's for sure! Lets hope that the personal touch is returned and we do not have to continue to input information into a computer system!!

    As to the Chinock sounds good to me but the 2 we left are some what otherwise engaged!!!

    Thanks to everyone for information regarding this situation and the help that i have received, good luck to all
  10. Streaky if you can show a net saving to MODUK by taking the Own way travel option then your bosses answer is over. there is of course a cost of laying on the trooper, how often do senior Bde staff fly out of Paderborn / Hannover?
  11. I had a similar scenario a while ago when I went back to Blighty for a course, but was told that I wouldn't be able to claim for the trip unless I had business insurance on my car.
  12. do you any reference for this i.e JSP etc, as im in the same boat as the initial poster, and about to take my car back to the UK on course and my RAO haven t heard of this and called me a 'dirty fibber'
  13. This is the same for any claims for duty travel. If you are using your car for duty travel you need to be suitably insured.
  14. Unless things have massively changed the short answer is no. How many travel clerks have more than 1 brain cell? How many have any common sense? Take your car, claim the max and enjoy your leave.
  15. Suitably insured means routine insurance - you only need to contact your insurance company if you are planning to claim full Official Duty Rate (ODR) for your car - ie. in a way, it effectively becomes an MOD vehicle and you are using it in the place of an MOD vehilce that cannot be provided for your duty. The rate of travel MMA that you receive onormally is the Converted Leave Rate (CLR) which is much less than ODR. (ODR = .40p per mile : CLR = .26p per mile)