Duty travel - Business use car insurance

The latest wheeze here is that you cannot claim for duty travel if you do not have Business use on your car insurance. I do so I'm OK jack - but will MOD pay the difference for those that do not , or just take the hit in extra payments to Hertz ?

The other half of this was when offering to use my car I was told that I could not because "There is a white fleet car and driver that can take you. You will have to use that because it costs nothing...." or words to that effect.

So tommorow morning I will get chauffeur driven to a course 3.5 hours drive away - and a hire car back next friday....

Let me think. Car plus Driver plus 300 mile round trip, plus hire car for 150 mile one way trip. Got to save the tax-payer money compared to giving me 23p a mile instead hasn't it......

Are we INSANE ? The system seems hell-bent on putting money into the hands of Hertz, and as for having civvy drivers on the staff to ferry people about, I despair.
Some insurance companies offer cover between 'home' address and multiple places of work, but I went for the full business insurance, it didn't break the bank (IIRC about £10 per year).

Not a drama, unless anyone has a horror-story they want to tell us ... ?

If you drive on duty, the car is your place of work and so whether it's your own vehicle, Herz or belongs to The Firm, you need the appropriate insurance cover.

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