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Several times I have heard a rumour that a 1/3 of people who serve 22 years in the army won't live longer than 65 due to the type of physical training they done in the service.

Apparently, your used to short sharp sessions which work the bottom half of you're heart, so when you're out of the service, it slows down and some how you die by the time you are 65.

This I think is complete tosh. But, hey, I could be wrong.

Now, I'm sure everyone else has a bollox rumour that a lot of people may have believed, but to sit and think about it - just sounds like nonsense.
My Great Grandfather took two wounds at Pashendale (I know this is the wrong spelling, I apologise) and saw his 100th birthday. Its probably a bollox rumour. Some student trying to be clever.
I actually heard that Deepcut had a high mortality rate due to them having more than three rounds in their mags when on duty!
Little chance of you falling into that bracket Nightrained!! I don't think your heart rate has ever got over 100 bpm. Getting around a PFT isn't going to kill you.

If you think its a tosh rumour why put it on here?
It is probably more to do with the enormous amount of alcohol consumed during the military career
I don't think it's scientific fact, but simply an observation by several people, that quite a few people appear to die prematurely after leaving the Army after their full 22 year or 37 year career. I don't think this is anything to do with PT / using the bottom part of their hearts, etc.

I can think of a surprising number of people who have, if not died, certainly suffered serious medical conditions.

It could just be that, after one full career full of stress and hard work, they stop suddenly, lose their routine, and effectively "relax too much".

Either that or they become civvies and therefore become weak and unmilitary...
My completely unscientific observations back up Nightrained's theory: ex squaddies (and cops) don't generally tend to live long.

Personally I think it is a combination of alcohol, being physically wrecked and losing the will to live when we realise we are now 'civvies'.


Soon for the grave. :(
To test Nighttraineds theory it'd be necessary to have at least two samples; one of military and one of non-military.
It's a well known story that coppers tend to die within two years of retiring in their early fifties. The stress lifts and their body just relaaaxes...obviously a tad too much!
So same principle..but maybe it's just remarked upon more when someone dies without having enjoyed several years of their retirement first and is cheated of the pension they worked 22 years for...and the injustice of it is noted by all..so maybe this isn't in fact an actual trend at all.
Work, work, work without enough rest and play isn't the way to go!
Fallschirmjager said:
Is life worth living once you leave the army? I'm going to kill myself straight after my dining out. :)
Good plan Fallschirmjager!

We should institute a 'Logans Run' system for the Army.

Do your time and get culled.

Gotta go, I can hear the Sandmen at the door.

Sweet release. :crazy:


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The high mortality rate amongst ex-service persons, and others who work in stressful jobs;ie, emergency services, fishing industry, mining and factory work is primarily due to the strain placed on body by working shifts, or spending long periods with irregular sleep patterns. Farming has one of the highest mortality rates in the country, although this is exaggerrated by the very high suicide rate.
A for the puerile comment made about becoming 'civvies and unmilitary', this was clearly made by someone who was born in c95, with his mod90 instead of birth cert, and has never been, nor ever will be a 'civilian'. Dickhead.
It certainly makes the generous pension deal look suspect if not so many survive to enjoy it...Conspiracy??

O_F_A_H - the "civvi", "unmilitary" and "weak" phrase may have been delivered by someone with a sense of humour...


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django_strikes said:
It certainly makes the generous pension deal look suspect if not so many survive to enjoy it...Conspiracy??

O_F_A_H - the "civvi", "unmilitary" and "weak" phrase may have been delivered by someone with a sense of humour...
Humour? On here? Bah! Not allowed.

I will just work the hook out of my cheek now.

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