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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oldagecrafty, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone got any good duty rumour ideas as I am getting sick of the usual ones ie, 10 miler for P.T. etc.

    Maybe something along the lines of "this year we have two Batus, Poland, Telic and Heric to do"

    Please Sir can I have some more :roll:
  2. How do you know the Plan :wink:
  3. FTX in America..........
  4. There's a busload of Nurses on the way from Rintalen.
  5. The war will be over by Christmas....the old ones are the best ones!
  6. Visit by Royalty but its all hush hush, that usually goes down well.
  7. True Story:

    We spread the royalty rumour at work a few years ago to wind-up the marketing director.

    We even went as far as hiring lookeelikies of Chas & Di (OK, more than a few years ago ...), got a ringer in to act as ADC and liasion, and some mates who were former THEM to caper about doing the bodyguard bit.

    It was on the visit to the 4th factory that morning that the penny dropped with the marketing bloke, who had gone to town arranging the visit, which was all "hush hush".

    The marketeer fecked off home in a sulk and the group MD had to go and see him two days later to persuade him to come back to work.
  8. "Leave is cancelled, we're all going to Saudi to kick the Iraqis' out of Kuwait".... oh' you said 'rumour', my bad, sorry.
  9. One on Granby about the Emir of Kuwait giving every one a Rolex at endex to show his gratitude, a mate started/repeated (I say started as I hadn't got wind of it befoore then) it one day at scoff and then heard it again at a different unit the day after being told by a group of chaps straight in from Brize, apparently they'd been told the story in air trooping from a chap that had just flown in from Saudi.

    Desert - Brize - Desert in less than 24 hours well impressed with the jungle drums on that occasion.

  10. The Tristars are all servicable and running on time!
  11. That's not a rumour that's a barefaced lie :D
  12. ok, ok i knew i was going too far. Should be in a seperate post: Duty Unbeliveable Rumours.
  13. OP Granby: All those who served were to get a tax-free payment from the Kuwaiti government but the British goverment refused to let us have it in case it made us look like mercenaries. No mention of rolex watches by the time it reached me.

    Saif Sareea: Everyone asked for their jeans and t-shirt sizes cos the Sultan of Oman wants to buy everyone a gift. Nice bloke that sultan, I met him briefly but never got my jeans or that t-shirt.

    I'm ashamed to say I believed both of those...kill me now, please.
  14. The Saif Sareea T-shirts and jeans was not just a rumour - they were issued by a obese, scowling RLC type from the back of the transit camp at Thumrait. The different colours and styles of jeans were displayed outside - you told Jabba what you wanted, he disappeared into the dark recesses of his empire and came back with something entirely different. I still have my t-shirt, with '2001' across the front.
  15. The cooks a chef...