Duty roster Systems

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by bluebells, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. I am after a bit of help on duty roster methods.

    I work in a large HQ that incarcerates a duty officer in a bunk each weekday night and all day at the weekends. The duties are allocated into 2 week blocks to the branches of the HQ. My branch picks up about 5 x 2 weeks blocks each year and there are about 25 of us eligible for duty. In theory this should work out at about 3 duties each year. However I am on my 5th duty, 4 of which have been weekends.

    Here is the problem, the civilian E1 that runs my branches roster does it in adhoc way. He does not keep any records of previous duties. He simply issues an availability return and then allocates duties based on who has declared their availability. Being an honest individual I only declare my unavailability for real work related reasons.

    I have pointed out the in equability of this approach and suggested to him that he rearranges his bodily posture and remove his finger from his arse and sort it out. However from my brief dealings with him, I suspect that this will be beyond him. What I am after are a couple of examples on how to run a duty roster, preferable documented in Standing Orders. It needs to be a simple system that a monkey could run.

    Some pre-emptive defence before I start to take incoming. Yes I know that 5 duties in a year is not a huge deal. However this duty is a real pain and is never a ‘quite’ duty, especial at the weekends. This is not a duty that you idle away watching TV. In addition I weekly commute so a weekend duty does not go down well with the long haired CO. I am also on another duty roster which is a week long on call which comes round every 6 weeks
  2. The 'T' card system runs well. If they can't do a duty their card remains at the front until they can. Once they've done a duty it goes to the back of the box!!

    Offer to run the duty roster for him.
  3. Shift the responsablity of arranging the roster to someone who can handle it... otherwise this yahoo will continue to make a mess of things no matter how simplified the process is made.
  4. Was going to suggest the same, if your all in an admin role there it cant be that hard to do a quick data base of who does what when as its not like theres that many of you. Just ensure that you point this out and pre book the other ones for the holiday and Christmas duties that will be coming up near the end of the year.
  5. Easy mate, do what the others do, get your return in early and declare your unavailability even if it is a lie.

    Remember if your not living life on the edge, your taking up too much room :twisted:
  6. Another vote for this system, Unfortunatley our SSM is not that clever and its not his chosen method. he prefers to randomly select people for duty.

    Which whilst upsetting the smooth running of the Sqn does keep people on there toes, and surley there must be som training benefit to that!!!
  7. Smash him in the face with a book, easy as that, simple. Next question please!