Duty of Care

If as a SNCO I am informed in an informal manner that someone in my section is under investigation but given no details as to why they are under investigation am I duty bound to inform them?


You might find that they aleady know. If I was you, I'd ask the person who told me about it, otherwise by telling the individual, you'll appear untrustworthy in the eyes of the third party. Don't sh*t in your own nest.
They knew nothing of it and on investigation it turns out there was no investigation, the person who stated it wanted to see if he could trust those in the meeting.
As it turns out he could'nt but the guy who believed he was under investigation has had 5 days of panic and stress believing that he was under investigation and now it seems he could be in the poo for trying to investigate it.
Has the moron who made the statement/accusation any defence for their actions?


So it's a non topic then?

As for the 'moron' you refer to, I wouldn't waste my breath on him, he's done the job for you by making himself look a c*nt amongst those who attended the meeting.
Agreed, but it seems that he wants to take disciplinary action against the guy who he stated was under investigation and the person who told them. Has he committed any offence by starting the initial accusation knowing that it was false and caused someone unneccesary worry and stress including their family?
There is, but trust me, he couldn't afford to take out a prosecution against him, I doubt he'd get anyone to take the case on and there's no point in making any threats. Best dealt with by the chain of command. He should write a letter to his OC and a copy to the EOA detailing what has happened and how aggrieved he feels about the episode as his 'reputation' has been besmirched by the lies of the other person who did so in public. Best he can hope for is an apology. Tell him not to go threatening them with lawyers. People just clam up then and wait until the dust settles and all he'll do is make enemies where he should be making friends. An OC's interview is called for. Tell him to request this on his letter and to lay out how he feels the matter should be resolved. A written apology will suffice. Tell him to keep his feet on the ground.

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