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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jillee, Aug 27, 2004.

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  1. Do Cpls. have to do duty driver jobs at the weekend? Esp. when they are not married?
    Maybe I don't seem to get the picture!
    Some help required,
  2. got to ask why the cpl doenst let "shyt roll down hill" and jiff some single siggy to do it?

    In my time in, no one above l/cpl did them sort of duties....Guard commander and MT officer but not actually driving etc.

  3. Some units duty driver is spent sat at home on the end of a mobile phone waiting for a detail to turn up (and that chance isn't huge if your duty driver is employed correctly). The question is, would you rather sit in the guardroom and do a guard commander or a duty clutch at home?
  4. I thought only siggy's would do that job too!
    Looks like my boyfriend is only looking for an excuse not to see me at the moment.
    Thanx a lot for that answer!
  5. Jillee,

    Who does what duty depends on the particular Units situation. I would say it isnt the ideal to have Cpls doing duty driver, but does your unit have sufficient LCpl/Siggie's available to share out the duty's in a fair manner? Also, if doing duty driver exempts you from doing guard commander, i would be counting my chickens, and keeping sthum!!

    And just a small bite to finish, what difference does not being married have when duty is dished out? Are weekends not valuable to pads? Or should we work all week, and all weekend so as not to interrupt the Singlies drinking time?

  6. Trust me, singles always get jiffed first - its easier to walk into a single block and jiff the first bloke you see that start phoning round pads who lets face it "screen" calls with the answer machine on weekends

  7. Boney,

    Sorry meant that the army will tell single soldiers first to do that job
  8. I totally agree, singlies always get jiffed first, for the reasons Rincewind states above, i was a singlie for years i've been on the receiving end of a jiff more than a few times.

    I thought jillee was making a case for singlies not doing weekend duties, got the wrong end of the stick, sorry.

    Your probably right jillee, your boyfriend is probably making an excuse not to see you. If your at a lose end this evening you should advertise the fact in the Arrse Naafi bar, someone will be able to suggest something to occupy your time :wink: :D

  9. My boyfriend is an single cpl. and always had to do duty driver jobs lately (a lot of airport pick ups, driver for off. mess)
    Thanx for your help gentlemen.
    Will make my mind up now!
  10. dont supose you are good looking, and are currently within say 50 miles of Sheffield?


  11. No, but thanks for the thought Rincewind :wink:

  12. Good looking and still young! But maybe I shouldn't believe in the good and kind nature of a squaddie!
  13. Not just squaddies...... everyone has to prove their good and kind nature. It's never taken as read.
  14. Sorry Plant-Pilot, you are right ... only a bit disappointed at the moment, thats all
  15. Is he on any sort of Rear Party?............some units find manpower difficult and so will use any and everyone when required to cover the duties...while everyone is away. :D