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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jonah1163, May 12, 2013.

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  1. cramp from sitting down for 6 hrs,
  2. My pleasure !
  3. JSP 752 (Ver 17.3 dated 01 May 13) Chapter 3 Subsistence Allowances, specifically Para 03.0110 Day Subsistence.
  4. wot ee said
  5. Doesn't anybody ever just go ask a clerk anymore, who do you quote if it is wrong on the audit and you end up in the cack?
  6. I tend to prefer to get my information from the JSP because the vast majority of CHRAs at sub-unit clerical level are spotty inexperienced youngsters who either don't know or got their information from an equally inefficient SPS SNCO who only bothered to read half the paragraph (usually the bit that says no) and decided to interpret the info in a way that would completely confuse the individual who wrote the regulation in the first place.

    But that's just me ^~
  7. If you do, you get almost the same quote as Caarps came back with:-

    With the added useful information that "It's all in there. But if you claim anything you aren't entitled to, you'll get done for fraud!"

    And that's how they save money because the 'toms' are too scared to claim and pay for everything out of their own pocket and don't get it reimbursed.
  8. Which just demonstrates a weak chain of command who should be making sure the clerks are working for the toms - or make sure that a soldier being sent away on a task that could require a claim is told what he can claim (not by the barrack room lawyer but someone who can read the JSP and understand it).
  9. Having worked in tri-service organisations, the RAF admin clerks are way ahead of AGC in providing useful advice and support.
  10. In my last unit when a soldier put in a travel and accn request, he was given a confirmation sheet highlighting the details of travel, accn, and what claims he could make.
  11. A bit like me ^~
  12. 1. Get a fuel card and work ticket from MT - if none available, ensure you get non avail of fuel card. Pay for the fuel, keep the receipt and claim back unless there is a POL point within reasonable commuting distance
    2. It sounds daft but if there are messing/PAYD facilities en route you are to use them (within reason) else stop on one of your mandated rest stops (drivers hours) at a road chef or something similar and eat there.
    3. At the B&B you can claim NS - ie the cost of the B&B, as for food again (DS) if no suitable messing facility available then have meals. Have the meals at meal timings, dont graze, unless your appointment overruns a meal timing then its OK to claim.
    4. Evening meal 1 alcoholic drink - might as well get a beer off the army.
    5. Keep all receipts, pay the B&B bill on leaving and upon dropping off the MT car make sure you keep a copy of the receipts if you paid for the fuel.
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    Alright. Alright, I'll authorise your ******* claim.
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