Duties On Xmas Day

Discussion in 'REME' started by g10_computer_geek, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. I like many across the British Army have been selected because of my outstanding military performace to book on xmas day! as if could not get any worse I am told the Salvation Fairy will be visiting me to rub in the fact that I am spending another xmas day away from my wife who will be watching tv on her own. Thank you! Thank you Mr careers officer who left that fact out so many years ago. I shall leave some milk and cookies out if I can pry them from the meals and deals department and leave it out for Santa. That is unless the RSM steels them.

    So unite with me all persons on duty over xmas and say "horay" as you sleep all day! in the peace and quite.
  2. Sorry for the spelling mistakes, trying to typ fast during work time.
  3. A thousand violins are playing just for you
  4. Deepest sympathy for you............................NOT. Think of the guys and gals out on tour who will be far from home during the festive season!!

  5. Dont get a sad on.. get mag on and stag on .. happy xmas
  6. I remember one Christmas I was duty NCO in the mess over the Christmas period which was rare as I have so many kids. :roll:
    I gave the Orderly Officer the keys to the bar and took my crew home for Christmas dinner. then spent new year trying to figure out how one rupert could drink so much in 24hrs :D
  7. Oh I just noticed your nickname
    Xmas GS non celebrating.....dues out....dec 2007
  8. Your in the army now son!
  9. You're not the only person in the world that will be working over xmas - stop moaning it could be a lot worse!!!
  10. Think I got jiffed for 11 of the 12 Christmas days I spent in the mob. Really hacked as Christmas day is my birthday :cry: :cry:

    Are there some violins out there for a sad medic as well :? :?

  11. The Messiah!!!!!!!!!
  12. OK Detail Unload!!!

    Well f-ck me i can't belive what i have just read!!!! I didn't realise that our Corps had employed any unproffesional soldiers I thought we all got paid 24/7 365 days a year. By the sounds of it mate you have done a few years and yes a Xmas duty or two in the bag but for God's sake is this what our Corps has become? Whinging and whining because for 24 hours on a certain day you are on duty, I never hear complaints when people are on duty Remembrance Sunday (in my opinion a far more important day). I am lucky i will be home from Ops just before Xmas, EOT, but guys out here won't see there wives and kids for months. I won't be polite....SHUT UP YOU WHINER it could be a lot worse, enjoy your Xmas leave and spare a thought for those away from there families for a lot longer than 24 hours.

    Clear Ease Springs!!
  13. He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy...
  14. of course, as long as it is the same for everyone old boy,

    meanwhile, the Floggings MUST continue until morale improves,,,,, stag on.
  15. ill do it for ya, i hate xmas.

    bah humbug