Duties of a Radio Op

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Operator, Sep 29, 2004.

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  1. Ok so this probably could have been posted in the training wing but I think here is where the best response will be.

    So, I have been carefully selected (dicked) to do a presentation on the duties of a platoon signaller, a job i know very little about. Can anyone give me a job description? And maybe some suggestion of other things the RadOp does in the Pl?

  2. Have you tried looking in Pam 41? (I think a copy is on the electronic battle box CD 2)
  3. coms, coms, coms, cam. :wink:
  4. Main duties bosses brew and scran. Ohhh and bugee youself to him we have a nasty habit of running off into the hulo and forgetting about you :lol: :wink: :lol: :wink:
  5. Cheers for repsonses so far... I think.

    Polar, i don't have any access to EBB and PAMs would be a struggle as I am meerly a lowly OTC bod. In the past ARRSE has been a fantastic resource.
    Some of my fellow group have been given other subjects, the best being "Shaving in the field" to a girl. She's wondering if she can do 5mins infront of the CO and RSM on Bikini line shaving. Could be entertaining.
  6. Operator, I notice you are in the Colchester area. Speak to the sigs pl from 2 or 3 Para they should be able to give you an answer. Failing that then lie, lie and lie again. Most squaddies are sigs ignorant and wouldn't comprehend anything with radio or VHF etc in the same sentence. The bikini line thing sounds ok though :)
  7. help digging shell scrapes/trenches.
    Should take turns on stag manning the radio with the pln comd + sgt .
    Pretending to have been awake all night with the radio strapped to your head (normally wake up when someone talks on the radio .... slack drills I know but at times u can't help it)
    Running after the one pip wonder with the handset to get him to talk on it.
    Sending in the contact reports etc (initial ones anyway)
  8. I've now got a rough idea of what I'm going to say, shouldn't be too hard. Anyhow it's just to prove i can do a 5min presentation on a given subject. Cheers for the input.

    Polar, that's the sort of jobn description I was after. Thanks all
  9. You're the signaller

    The boss should be making your tea and scran ,especially if you have BATCO coming in all over the place.

    I found that out on exercise ,when in the middle of a prolonged series of Batco serials, our new one pipper instructed me to "Make his breakfast"

    The American Airborne Guard Sergeant with us was NOT impressed.

    "Sir ,he is the signaller ,he is busy ,YOU make HIS chow"

    Very nice it was too ,no matter how grudgingly made :D
  10. yep , been there , my troopy at tidworth thought i was his mobile phone/brew and scran maker/basha builder/cam net folder upper.

    for about ooooooooooh , 5 minutes , troop staffy gently explained to him that unless he wanted to hump the radio/batteries/ancillaries ,and dangle a batco wallet from his wrist whilst sending and recieving

    to basically wind his f*cking neck in. :lol: :lol:
  11. I think I may have to begin this talk with

    "To research the role of a Platoon Signaller I looked at ARRSE a lot"

    and see how it goes from there :D :D Anymore good anecdotes out there? :D
  12. Hmmmm. I was Recce Pl for a few years, so my signals... improved a lot (Ahhhh, Netheravon. "6-fig GR with no errors in 40secs".) Came in useful when I was working in BG HQ, meant I didn't have to bother those busy signallers to code/decode SOCs and stuff :twisted: .

    I was still amazed at how much I didn't know when I watched our Coy sigs det in action; two ex-regular WOs, both ex-instructors at Sigs Wing, one had done the acceptance trials on Clansman, working as a Sgt and CSgt. They could talk to the moon given an AA battery and a foot of DIO. Meant I could make myself useful by making tea, asking sparky-type questions, and getting out and walking in front of the LR when the ground looked iffy.

    Anyway, you were looking for "duties of Pl Sig" - how about hounding all radio carriers (anyone with rank) to make sure their BATCO sheets are correct, they've got the right CEI, they haven't misheard "Forty-one-two-five" as 41.250 or 41.025 rather than 40.125 MHz (seen that - big hint, use the decimal point), that they've actually checked that the kit works and not just chucked it into a daysack, that the Pl Comd / Sgt is reminded about sigs issues, etc, etc.
  13. Some good points made. I'll let you select the relevant ones.

    Will you have visual aides? A radio maybe?

    The shaving discussion should definitely be a practical demonstration :)
  14. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Video it and post on ARRSE. Points awarded by highly trained ARRSE members (using that word advisedly).
  15. Cheers guys. If the shaving demo does occur, and she hasn't selected to pretend to be a bloke I'll video it. Then post online.

    In the mean time it'll be doing my best to make sure she thinks demoing a bikini line is clever and funny. As a last resort would anyone settle for legs?