Duties of a Coy IO on a Battle Group level op tour

Can anyone shed any light on the murky world of the Coy IO on an operational tour?

I am interested in an overview of the tasks to be carried out, and what qualifications / courses an applicant for such a post should ideally have.

This is potentially for Afghanistan.


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Go on the Theatre specific cse at Chicksands.

Do not, do not for the love of God go on the Unit & Formation IOs course as an IO or AIO unless you wish to have an extremely long and boring death.
M, that sounds like good advice, but what sort of day to day tasks are invoved?

Research, analysis, reporting and briefing?

brushing up on defence writing and map sysmbols could be useful?

JSC is a dim memory!


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Not appropriate to discuss the role on these means...i.e. in the open forum. However, expect to do a lot of analysis, info extraction, etc. You might be better off talking to the Int Corps loonies on their site..

PM if you want more but really, get the student precis from the UFIO cse at Chicksands, it is all in there.
I always wanted Coy IOs to:

1. Explain what the hell the Bn IO meant everytime he spoke

2. Give me the same int as the CO so that I didn't look dumb

3. Keep the company interested in what is going on around them

4. Remember that they work for the coy but have mixed loyalty to BHQ too

5. Take the blame when the G2 mess up

6. Be honest and tell me when they didnt know something and...

7. Go and find the answer when they didn't

8. Keep the 102s in order! If you don't know what they are you must learn!

I think that pretty much sums it up! It's not a great position, most Coy IOs end up torn between Coy and Bn, and a good Coy Comd understands that. The worst cases are when the Coy Comd thinks that the Coy IO is a specially trained personal G2 special operations cell purely for their amusement.
Thanks for the tips guys, but it doesn't look like I'll be going after all.

Apparently, there are too many of the Bn away at the moment, and all trawls are being rejected.

Perhaps I'll get my chance next year. :(
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