Duties of a Company 2IC

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Griff12345, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. I have recently been appointed Company 2IC of the Advanced Coy (2nd yrs) at my OTC, and as i'm still at uni i havn't had the benefit of any formal education as to the role, and responsibility of the position.

    The most i have heard mumblings of is that planning and execution of training is my responsibility.....

    I would be greatful to any who could enlighten me on the subject and also, where my responsibilities end and the O.C.'s begin.

    Many thanks in advance

  2. Can only tell you about Regular Bn Coy 2ICs (having been one and now having got one).

    1. Feed your OC a regular supply of cigarettes.
    2. Entertain him with stories of sexual conquest over the last weekend, as he's a pad and doesn't get any.
    3. Do no work until the last possible moment and then just barely enough so that you avoid a major boll0cking.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The OC will give you vague direction about what training objectives you must meet, he will avoid clarifying any points of confusion, and then bollack you for not providing the training that he thought he had given you instructions for, but didn't.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Or more seriously.....

    1. You are the Coy training officer - responsible for booking training areas, resources, ranges etc. Produce the admin and exercise instructions and co-ord all training activities.
    2. Run the Coy account - if you have one. Advice the OC on what to spend and where - never go overdrawn!
    3. Responsible for education within the sub-unit.
    4. Deputise for the OC in his absence.
    5. Advise Pl Comds - use your position as an interface to ensure they avoid dropping themselves in the sheite with ill thought out activities.
    6. 'Platoon Commander' for Coy HQ - report writing and career advice for storemen, OC's driver etc etc.
    7. Book and keep track of all external courses for Coy personnel.
    8. Coy Operations Officer on exercise and operations. Run the Coy CP or Ops Room, do all standard reports and returns.
    9. Company intelligence officer as required.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time
  5. You sound familiar Taz_Man, are you not my OC... Fresh Deck on the desk, Company Training is being dictated by the number of men we actually have left in the company, I think there are some sort of ranges going on, but don't ask me as that seems all too much like G4, and I'll be late tomorrow because I'm in the raz.
  6. I was blessed with an outstanding Coy 2IC in Iraq....He:

    Was prepared to step up, and had to when I had to step up - so we did stuff together like planning
    Did enough detail to make me happy - didn't cuff it
    Let pl comds know firmly when he wasn't happy with them - was prepared to crack the whip
    Wrote all the Post Incident stuff - dull - like taking statements.
    Was a sounding board for my wacko tactical ideas and was prepared to let me know when my whole coy would get wiped out if I didn't calm down a bit.

    Top dog.

  7. All good stuff for a Regular 2IC and many carry across, you will find Advanced Wing a wee bit different.

    In no particular order

    A lot will depend on how involved the OC will want to get on the training side. He/She may want to want to do some of the instructions for certain weekends and leave you to do the instructions for others. Particularly those related directly to MTQ2. They may give you a general outline and let you crack on. Your comment may imply you have more rather than less responsibilities in that area.

    Do you have a seperate Coy for those who have passed advanced wing or do these come under your auspices too? You will need to think about a seperate programme for them that will keep them interested, enthused and attending (exams allowing).

    You are unlikely to book Training Areas etc directly yourself but will need to liase with your Training Wing (TM or TWO) on your requirements for given training. You may find areas have been booked for the Unit so you want to make sure get in quick to get the areas best suited to you.

    Are their any other Training officers (Capts?) in the Company. They may have responsibilities for areas of training in the Syllabus (Special To Arm, MTQ2) you will need to coordinate with them too.

    You may or may not have Pl Comds so point 5 above may be with CUO's/JUO's.

    You may or may not have much of a CHQ staff so you may have to write reports for Sgt's and below, The OC may choose to do this, you should discuss this with him.

    You should be identifing and mentoring Cadets who aspire to get Commissioned whether TA or Regular, You may find this has more emphasis in years to come than it has in the past.

    You should be looking out for Cadets who haven't indicated a desire for Commissioning but appear to have the skill set to do so and encourage and support them to do this.

    You should oversee the training records (not necessarily do them) to ensure attendance and particularly those who are on MTQ 2 to ensure they are attending the right training to meet the TO's and pass the exam.

    You may instruct on certain items of the Syllabus.

    You may be required to liase with Group A units if any of your students are involved in training with them.

    You will be aware that Students are slippery and have a habit of arranging courses etc off their own back, try to keep this under control and make sure you check with your training wing regulary to see who's on what. Particularly important if you need instructors outwith your Company to assist on your training e.g. PTI's

    You are unlikely to have any responsibility for any account however you may now be on the Duty Field Officer rota check with the Adjt to confirm this.

    There is no requirement for you to attend every training night and weekend however you must be happy that the training planned will be executed in line with the instruction. your boss will get his arrse kicked if it doesn't and we all know what happens next.

    If you are still at Uni and doing exams remember your exams take priority over all of this. This means you need to keep your Boss up to date on your movements, if you can't do something you've been tasked tell him ASP, arrange for someone to cover for you.

    I am currently posted in the same job, hopefully at another OTC (otherwise you have nicked mine in the summer :wink: ) If you are looking for more advice or ideas PM me anytime.