Duties during leave periods

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ilikechips, May 19, 2010.

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  1. I think I know the answer allready, but say for example most of august I was due to be on leave, and I was spammed for a duty. I know I wouldnt be classed as on leave when I was doing a duty, but if i drove the 300+ miles home had a nice time for a week, would I be entitled to any claims for having to drive a 600 mile round trip to get to base and then back home for the rest of the leave?

    Edit: a weeks duty when nobody was around.
  2. If you are recalled from leave unexpectedly you are entitled to duty travel expenses, but it would appear that this is not the case here. That is just of the top of my head though.
  3. Hmmm, de ja vu, I could swear I replied earlier.

  4. I thought as much, thanks for the reply.
  5. Can you not just remind the powers that be that your on leave and will be 300miles away and get them to change the duty. thats what used to happen unless you stayed on camp during your leave then you risked early morning knocks on the door looking for guard bods.
  6. I think if it comes up for discussion I mat volunteer for first or last week of it, rather than bang in the middle.
  7. Leave is Leave. I think you may find if your on leave, your not covered under the MOD Public Liability statment with regards to injurys, whilst on Duty,because your not, your on Leave....
  8. I think you may need to check a few facts before posting complete twaddle!!!

  9. My bold - the bit we need to clarify.

    Ilikechips - Is this a period in which you have already submitted leave for on JPA, or is this just a pre-arranged period (ie summer block leave) which isn't set in stone yet? If it's the former, speak to your boss and ask them to dick someone who isn't on leave for that period. If it's the latter, take it on the chin and rearrange your personal plans.
  10. Its not totally set in stone yet, and I dont mind rearranging personal plans, guess im just having a rant at myself for potentially having to do a 600 mile round trip in the middle of leave to do a duty, then be back on leave again.
  11. What I originally said, before the pixies stole it, was, find out who has to do what where and when, common sense says the guy living in the shetlands doesnt want to come back to blandford in the middle of his leave.

    Speak to your superiors, offer doing the first week, or last week, and have the extra week brought forward/added on
  12. i have the same problem at my unit, although we dont have to come back for a week stint the CoC arent that clever. They prefer us to comeback for a single 24hr duty! The best i got out of them was for the SSM to authorise 2 days back onto my leave card, 1 for the duty (to be expected) and 1/2 day travelling either side.

    Being stationed on the south coast and being a regiment of northern monkeys this is CRAP, some of the guys have to travel over 8 hours on the train. there must be some rule saying that the journeys can be claimed!
  13. Brilliant why ruin a few peoples leave when you can ruin everyones. HAHA
  14. Every time I put leave in I used to tell my boss that I was going abroad, even though I was actually just bumming about. This solves the whole problem of people trying to spam you for duties. The second rule is never answer your mobile phone if the number is unknown or withheld. Pretty jack, but hey-ho!
  15. Heres the old cliche' Leaves a privilege not a right, duty first.
    And all that shit!
    It should be upto your adults to be sensible and help to work it around your situation. If you work for a right ******, you're screwed