Dutchies need help

Just got the following request from a Dutch chap reference their current problems.

"Do you have access to a kind of (digital) dossier about Hungerford, Dunblane and/or the financial arrangement that the British government had to reach with the shooters who HAD to hand in their firearms? As you probably know, the Dutch semi-auto rifle shooters find themselves in almost the same bind and we are looking desperately for ways to at least be financially compensated if it all ends badly"

Anyone got anything that may help other than Dunblane Massacre Resource Page ???
Was'nt it current list price for everything - for no longer produced items other than high value collectors pieces it was around about the last published list price. Summat like that.

It included: firearms; component parts; certain accessories; I think reloading gear - kept my Dillon for a rainy day;). I think you could get valuations done for shiny items but the news on that was that the valuation may be turned down and you'd have handed in something for nothing.

I know I had problems with a heavily customed 1911, I ended up taking all the stainless Wilson parts off, springs out, taking the Pachys off and then putting the originals back on.

The following link should give an idea of what was to be paid out for pistols and ancils:

Electronic Records Online

See para 21 - links to annexes A - D.


Is this what you want or was it more for the self loading rifles (NB. I did not say SLR!)?

Thanks so far.

He wants as much info as possible.
Thanks for the help - my Dutch contact really appreciates it.

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