Dutch special forces in anti-Taliban operation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Dutch special forces in anti-Taliban operation

    Published: 7 August 2009 18:14 | Changed: 7 August 2009 20:23
    Dutch special forces have taken part in an Australia-led action against the Taliban in Uruzgan, the Dutch Defence Ministry has confirmed to Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

    The action took place last weekend, but was only made public by Australia's Ministry of Defence on Friday.

    The focus of the action was in the Mirabad area, east of the provincial capital Tarin Kowt. An Australian spokesperson said four leaders and an unspecified number of members of the Taliban were arrested during the operation. A substantial quantity of arms and bomb-making material is said to have been captured.

    The detainees have been handed over to the Afghan authorities.

    The Dutch special forces unit consists of 76 marines and commando units. Australia is contributing some 300 Special Forces. Both units are under the immediate command of ISAF's regional headquarters at Kandahar airfield.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Cloggie SF dude, Captain Marco Kroon, Dutch style beardy thing going on, but this fella is the nails, holder of Military Order of William (their VC) for action in Afghanistan. one of only 11 still alive, and the other 10 are over 75 8)
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  7. Beatrix pinned the Willems Order cross and orange ribbon on captain Marco Kroon before slapping him on the left shoulder with her right hand to knight him at a ceremony in The Hague.

    It was the first time in more than 50 years that the medal has been awarded to an individual soldier. It also can be awarded to entire military units.

    Beatrix said Kroon showed "courage, discretion and dedication" in leading a commando unit in the southern Afghanistan province of Uruzgan in 2006.

    Kroon's unit was involved in several firefights with Taliban insurgents during its deployment with Nato-led forces in Afghanistan.

    In one battle, Kroon's unit advanced and came under fire from the Taliban so that a wounded Australian soldier could be rescued. In another, Kroon's machine gun was hit by enemy fire as he tried to find a way through a village full of insurgents, the defense ministry said.

    Kroon said in a statement that he received the medal on behalf of his unit. He said he built up friendship and mutual respect with his troops by leading through example. "You create that by showing you will walk through fire for your men," he said. "I trust them and they trust me."

    Defence minister Eimert van Middelkoop paid tribute to Kroon's bravery, saying the medal "symbolises a recognition of exceptional acts under extreme and dangerous circumstances."

    The Netherlands has some 1,600 troops in Afghanistan, often working together with Australian forces stationed in the south. A total of 19 Dutch soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since 2006.
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  10. Hey, the Dutchies are good blokes, got many many Dutch mates, as close to an English man on the continent as you will ever find.As a race, fantastic people.Good luck to them fighting, and may there government let them go further they are all over it as soldiers.It is not the conscript army of 15 years ago.
  11. I agree. Years ago, my reconnaissance platoon trained with Dutch Marines (known in those days as UDT) out of their base in Aruba. Good troops in the field once you got past their atrocious grooming standards. Got a lot of parachute jumps in with them-I remember their jumpmaster could not keep us out of the water but that was compensated for by their field ration (came in a huge metal sardine can for an entire day's chow-we were so fascinated by the "store brand" chocolates and other good stuff) that was highly prized by my guys over not only their "C" rations but even their Long Range Patrol Rations (regarded in those days as pretty gourmet--as long as you had water to re-hydrate it--NOT very good if you only had saliva).