Dutch Royals MAY have suggested that HM Liz is past her sell by date. Discuss.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kromeriz, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Dutch royals routinely abdicate when they've had enough. I doubt that it's what our Queen is going to do, nor should she IMHO.
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  2. The usual handover in the Dutch royal family is via abdication. Queen Beatrix is 75 years old on Thursday 31 Jan, and given the events of the past 10 years I think she has picked an excellent time to handover to King Willem Alexander, and Queen Maxima.

    in 2002 Prince Claus, Beatrix's husband died, in 2009 an attempted attack on the Royal Family as they returned to the Koningshuis killed 10 Members of the public, and tragically last year her son Prince Friso was badly injured in an avalanche while skiing, this has left him in a deep coma ever since. Beatrix has been on the Throne for 33 years, and has served the Netherlands well through quite a turbulent time in its history, it has given her son chance to bring up his family to the point where he is able to take on the role of King.
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  3. Have the British Royal Family done likewise?
  4. Her Brittanic Majesty will remain true to her Coronation Oath, to Serve & Reign for her whole life, be it short or long, and quite right too imho, What the House of Orange do is their affair.
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  5. a few Dutch hotels (not of the per hour type) have a proud photo of her somewhere like behind the reception desk. It has struck me (not literally) how that is unlikely to be seen in the UK unless as part of some chintzy decor like 'The Queens Head Pub.'

  6. Manley,

    I expect she will but you do have to feel for Charles. I also think he would have made/will make a decent king. He certainly should step up to the plate to allow William and Kate a chance to enjoy married life and raise a family for a few years before the weight of office descends upon them.


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  7. Much as I like the Dutch, what their Royal Family do is their affair. I hope our Queen reigns over us for a long time to come.
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  8. I'm not a fan of Monarchy but it is what we have. Brenda is Monarch for life then Big Ears takes over. For life.

    It's not a role your retire from. Anyone advocating the Queen abdicates in favour of Charles is obviously not aware of the rules. Anyone advocating that the Queen abdicates in favour of William, bypassing Charles because they don't fancy him in the role with Camilla as Queen, obviously wants to pick and choose the Monarch.

    In which case they want a Republic. In which case we should widen the candidature and have an election.
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  9. Exactly so, Prefect. This idea that you can somehow pick and choose your King, why, um, you wouldn't think we got rid of one for insisting on marrying a divorcee with unusual habits, or had driven another one out to replace him with his daughter and her, um, Dutch husband, or chopped one's head off....

    All that said, HM has made it perfectly clear that her job is for life and it's pretty clear that the future King feels similarly. Good stuff.
  10. As HMQ is the oldest monarch we have ever had (by 5 years now I think) then it might be coronation time sooner than we would wish.

    Just noticed that she has beaten all of them including Cromwell (by 2 days today) :)
  11. All goes to show what a bunch of hypocritical tosspots hard core Monarchists are.

    Personally I am looking forward to seeing Big Ears and Shergar on the throne. Seeing the shit eating grins on Monarchist faces will be hilarious. I hope he lives to 200.
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  12. Better them than President Bliar...;-)
  13. Or indeed President David Beckham, President Ian Huntley, President Piers Morgan or President Katie Price....

    I've started you off but have work to do. Any chance you could go through the remaining potential 69,999,996 British candidates and give a tick or cross against them by tea time?

    Blair is not the only candidate. Executive Presidency is not the only option.......................
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