Dutch right winger allowed to enter the UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Is it just me who finds the term 'community harmony' unnervingly 1984-esque?

    And surely the Government should now concede that they made the wrong decision - not claim to be "disappointed" by a court ruling.
  2. Good! Why not?
  3. Threaten community harmony? And then they allow that hooky fella to spout his poison for years on end? I'm lost for words on this one.

  4. Its hardly a suprise though, is it? After all, we are still paying a convicted Romanian rapist nearly a grand a week so he can appeal his deportation order.
  5. But Ms Smith said his presence had the potential to ''threaten community harmony and therefore public safety''

    Well we all know who will be doing the threatening and the disharmony don't we?

    And failing to deport murderers, rapists and assorted other riff raff doesn't threaten public safety?

    My word, she is as useless as she is corrupt.
  6. we let every other bugger in...i quite like the Cloggies!!
  7. Good.
    I'm not one for racism but i am for equality and fair play.
    If Hooky and his mob are free to come to this nation and spew out their 'opinion', then why not let a Dutch guy come and spew his?
    This government is starting to realise they have created a tinder box or racial DISharmony in some parts of this country, and are struggling to keep it under tabs.
  8. Dutch Right Winger allowed in?

    Surely their Centre Forwards better?

    Is that mine? And South of the river this time of night too......
  9. it was a national embarrasment to keep him out. regardless of his politics, if we don't have free speech, how can any right survive.
  10. It was a always a stupid decision to ban him. Let him spout his drivel and go away, those stupid enough to follow him won't really listen to long sentences or arguments anyway. They are too busy chanting and trying to remember which bunch of people they hate this hour.

    Let the bigots and racists have their say, let them dis-credit themselves and then return to the real debate. Stifling debate just fuels their cause
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    living in the Netherlands, he was pretty much a nobody until the fuckwits that are our current government gave him the publicity he is exploiting now. I wouldn't trust them to clean my windows, much less run a country, amateurs.
  12. I can't say i fully know what this guy was going to say, but in principle i am happy for anyone to say whatever hate filled crap they want. They are free to say what ever crap they want, as I am free to think they are a cnut. At least if everyone is free to speak their minds, the cnuts are easily identifyable.

  13. Repeat after me…

    Jack Straw… predominantly muslim electorate base

    There are numerous other Labour MP's with inner city and northern seats who need to keep the muslim, (they voted 86% Labour in 1997, vote on side.
  14. 86% labour vote - that will be the benefit of postal voting then.

    Who needs banana republics eh?