dutch patrol pack

onFFS look at the QM forum; this thread has come up at least once.

The answer is, get a NI pack. Much better, less walty, cheap on ebay.
Praetorian said:
Save your money mate, you really don't need it in the ACF.
Need? Need??! Personally, I'm going for the new NASA webbing. Quite difficult to find in the UK, but you should pick it up for less than $600 on ebay.com.
What the hell are you dribbling about you mong? I was merely pointing out to the lad that there is no need to spend his hard earned pocket money on webbing that he doesn't need, when the kit supplied by his detachment should be good enough for the job.

At the end of the day, with the ACF the little ones only need space for 1 or 2 mags, mess tins, and a water bottle.
If you want to buy a gucci piece of kit buy the ni bag .The dutch pack is rubbish even the dutch dont use it anymore .People will just laugh at you.
I used to rock up in 58' webbing that was the nuts, the mag pouches were brilliant for storring copious amounts of mars' and haribo. Plus sad instructors always try and buy it off you

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