Dutch patients demand sexual services from nurses

What do they want, a full-on shag or just a Barclays?

Well believe it or not the Dutch Healthcare system allows for referrals to sexual practitioners for some of its patients, as a way of relieving stress. It has funded sex therapies, all the way to full and practical involvement in the act by hiring specially trained sex workers.

Not sure that the Dutch Nursing profession is going to be over pleased with this particular development though.
If you lot had BUPA, instead of depending on the NHS, you wouldn't sound so surprised.
Bloody hell, living out here, I would go into hospital for a rest from it.
Ancient_Mariner said:
If you lot had BUPA, instead of depending on the NHS, you wouldn't sound so surprised.
And you can ask for blowjobs in English rather than hindi, urdu and polish too!
Are there any survivors,on Arrse,from this new hospital experience? Will this start a trend in the NHS?
It's 20 years since I was in dock with a life threatening condition.
Just sore willy since.
Mind you I'd have donated my left Testicle, or the Right one, to have had adult sexual relation, with some of the Young Ladies who took care of me.
I'm married to a Nurse and even I don't demand sex...beg, yes, demand no.
I'm packed and have my E 101 card in my grubby little mitt; show me the way to Schiphol!!!!


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Aren't the Dutch due to lead in Bastion Hospital in the near future? It could be a novel approach to treating stress and fatigue.
jarrod248 said:
Oh right so Nurses will got to university for three + years to become prostitutes? I'd better check my contract.
Don't worry mate, you're safe... :wink:


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Reminds me of the following joke:

The Queen is being showed around a hospital that's just been refurbished, she walks past a small room and looks in, she see's a female nurse wanking a bloke off.
"What's she doing?" ask's Her Majesty
"Stress relief Ma'am, helps the patients recover quicker" Said the Hospital Chief Exec.
They stroll along and walk into another ward, she looks into another romm and see's a female nurse sucking off a very happy and content male patient.
Again the question "What's she doing?" ask's Her Majesty.
The same Chief Exec replies "Stress relief again Ma'am, but this is a private patient"
Oh you mushst loves the Dutch, they are all about the secsh...............and don't forget the drugsh. Happy times.

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