Dutch Para Course Texel

Anyone know about this course? It is commercial I believe, but is it safe, well run or is it run by cowboys and attended by lunatics?
El_Pato said:
but is it safe, well run or is it run by cowboys and attended by lunatics?
I thought that was most para courses :lol: have you got a link to it?

I've been searching the net to find somewhere to get some jumps in for a reunion, got one site which looks kosher.
Pathfinders UK are a mainly ex service's group who jump military style , they have done commeration jumps in normandy and arnhem.
Texel in holland is used by them and appears to be run by the dutch military.

Excellent :lol: :lol: :lol: just need to talk some mates round and we have a chalk sorted. £300 notes seems fair to me :lol:

.........oh yea.........note to self...........don't forget to tell the wife :lol:
Sept 2001 witnessed a re-enactment jump by a group of civvilian "Pathfinders" who had signed up to one of those type courses,They were dressed up in all the original gear down to the cardboard Kings cross beret badges this was over Ginkel Heath after the "official drop" not sure on there airframe but they where using 24ft steerable Red White and Blue Aero Conicals (just like the ones at JSPC pre RAM air/square kit).

There run in was along the crowd line and main road which has a large forest on the other side of the road, Consequently they arrived amongst the crowd ,main road which was still being used and in the forest with very tall trees!!

A real entertainer for the crowds and veterans!

Maybe what some would call value for money!! but not sure how many got broke or bent!!

Would advise that if your doing training and jumps over here to make sure you are well insured and check the small print as many insurers will not cover you unless the programme is governed by the relevant authorities ie UK BPA or USA and some other countries USPA.

The Dutch national Paracentrum is at Teuge, which is about 1 hour from Arnhem.

Not to sure on the claim from these organisations to be able to present foreign para wings to jumpers on completion of jump/s. Although the Dutch are quite relaxed when it comes to parachuting.

Maybe Crab Air could learn a few lessons!!
I would check with Netheravon first. A few years ago Texal used to advertise the course in the Soldier mag. That was stopped as it was misleading and you cannot wear Dutch para wings by doing their course. If you do the course and get injured you will not be insured by the army and therefore not entitled to an invalid pension. short answer is if you want wings do P coy

Why not give JSPC Netheravon or Bad Lippspringe a call and get on one of there courses you will find it much more rewarding. Failing that I now work for a civilian club call Skydive St Andrews in Scotland we are affiliated to the Army Parachute Association and approved by 2 Div Scotland to run courses for the army. If you do it as "adventure training" you will be classed as being on duty.

If you want any more info feel free to call on 01334 880678.

( Jim )
Ex JSPC instructor

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