Dutch paedophiles to form political party

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DrStealth, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. http://in.news.yahoo.com/060530/43/64ntp.html

    at first i thought this was a p*ss take, but nope, they exist.

    theres some sick f*cks in this world, we have known that since the dawn of time,
    but just how sick is society at large to even let these cnuts even try to form a political party? :evil:
    just WTF is going wrong with this world?
  2. Saw it on the news last night, couldn't believe it! I lived in Holland for a while and yes they are very liberal minded over there, but blimey that's taking things too far. These people should be behind bars never mind forming a political party!! :x
  3. We might be a bit liberal,but this really goes beyond all decencies,moral,common sense and so on.
    It really disturbs me that it's even possible and discussable to try to form a party like these cnuts want in my country!!
    On the other hand, if they team up, it's easier to locate them and kick the living shite out of them!!
    They should be shot together with rapists and i wouldn't mind to pull the trigger :evil:
  4. There's a thread on this already... but can't find it. It was mentioned that Spain possibly has legal age of consent of 12. It still makes me want to vomit. The dutch liberalism thing is going a bit too far
  5. WRONG JUST WRONG......................OUT.
  6. A child of 12 does not understand the implications of sex. How can ANYONE think that sex with a child can be in any way right or proper? These people do not deserve to be thought of as responsible adults. We, in UK, might have some irresponsible and reprehensible MPs who deserve a good slap or ten, but at least they don't stoop to this level....
  7. If I remember the news report about this the other night even though the Duch may be liberal 86% odd said no (can't remember if it was a poll on the subject or not).

    They also wanted to make kiddie porn legal!! (although I don't know if that's just a side effect of lowering the age of consent).

    I know the Dutch have one of the most grown up attitudes to sex, the age the teach it at school etc (and I may be wrong but the lowest amount of teenage pregnancy in Europe), but surely it wouldn't possibly go ahead?
  8. If i ever came across them, I would swill 'n burn em with petrol and wouldnt hesitate lighting them up, I would also skin them alive, throw any chemical on thier wounds and get a nice big gun and blow thier feckin guts out everywhere n so on.

    We should all go round hunting them all until we reach the king peedo sh1t head that floats round south east asia known as gary glitter, I bet he is the co founder of this party.

    Whats the point of them? They just contaminate our oxygen and the human race.
  9. Link here

    Has been done.

    The dangers of liberalism, the Dutch and pervy fcukers.
  10. who are the party members????

    gary glitter, michael jackson, johnathon king..........etc ????

  11. Best get your favourite killing shirt on and head off to Germany/USA/Spain/any one of about 20 other countries where the age of consent is 13/14 then.

    This dutch bunch do sound like a pile of pervs doing this for their own satisfaction but don't forget that we have our own homegrown version as well.


    You can start by slotting this bunch if you like.
  12. hope someone does some assisanation!
  13. Sound like a bunch of ****. They do, however, have the Democratic right to form this party and I agree with previous posters that it is up to the morality of the electorate to decide if these people are worthy of power, however obvious it may be that they aren't.

    Removing the age of consent completely has to be one of the the most disturbing political intentions I have ever heard.
  14. Another good reason, as if we did'nt have enough already, to limit the power and influence of Europe in this country as much as possible.

    I don't trust the **** WE elected, never mind European politicians.