Dutch outcasts live in corri-mech village

Seen on morning news (TV) that Dutch anti-socials are being taken from their family home and moved to a new village on the outskirts of town.

The accomodation is a group of four corri-mechs put together to form bungalow style housing. Some units are single occupied.

Some Dutch are outraged that they should be made to live in such squalid accommodation.......if only we had four corri-mechs to one person instead of four people to one corri-mech :lol:

It wouldnt be the same having all that room to myself, I would go stark raving bonkers.....or would that be starkers? :D
Hup Hup Holland!

The dutch are actually getting a grip on some of the problems that the rampant ultra-tolerance and multiculturalism have blighted them with over the last 40 years - good on 'em! There's been a recent crackdown on pikey trailer parks (which are neat, tidy, well-maintained, stationary & clean compared to the UK equivalents) & their thieving, non-taxpaying inhabitants (lots of arrests for tax fraud), non-1st world people wanting citizenship now have to take a Dutch course & exam, as well as an "inburgeringscursus" (citizenship course), they're getting some of the rampant public spending under control (a centre-right government trying to sort out the financial sh1t caused by many years of left & centre-left govts), and sending failed asylum seekers packing. Why does Britain steadfastly refuse to learn from the mistakes and solutions of other countries?????
Oh, and the bar stewards won't let me in the Dutch reserves ("Natres"), since I don't have cloggy citizenship. :evil:

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