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Sorry chaos, but I am trying to find a particular post related to the activities of the Dutch Navy in WW2, I'm having little joy with the site search engine or Google, but was wondering if anyone else remembers the tale or the post.

Essentially the story goes that a Dutch Naval Vessel (I'm unsure of the type) returning from a North Sea Patrol came into Port/Estuary at Speed, smashing through the barrier chain. The Captain signalled to shore what he had done to recieve the the reply


Does anyone else have a scoobie?

I remember the post

@jim30 rings a bell in relation.

Im sure The ships name relates to 1688 and ship or admiral

Googling glorious revolution and dutch navy - perhaps a site search using a ships name or commander will ping something

Edit Jan de something poss
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It was 1940/41, a minelayer, the Jan van Brakel. Cuts the anchor buoy of a gate vessel guarding the Medway. The reason van Brakel is a Dutch naval hero is because of his part in the raid on the Medway in 1667.

The skipper of the JvB,sends instant signal after incident "Van Brakel damaged boom defence, Medway", getting the 'What, again?' response (one tale says 'Not again!' rather than 'what? Again?')

Jan van Brakel - Wikipedia

Penultimate page of this (for 1667)

The offending vessel
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