Dutch navy goes dry...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. ... and we are not just talking about their sexual practices!

    Heard on the radio today:

    After a series of, erm, "incidents", in particular a great big punch-up in a disco "somewhere in northern Norway", the head honcho of the Dutch navy has decided to ban alcohol on all navy exercises -- on ship, and even on shore leave during exercises! When asked by the interviewer whether he thought that this was going too far, the interviewee said "no". Apparently lagered up Dutch sailors Barneying their way around Norway is terribly bad for the "corporate image" -- who would have thought it?

    I guess now the Dutch sailors will be joining the Americans at that grand old game of " standing around looking like terribly sober lemons whilst everybody else is having a good time" (as viewed every year on a certain Saturday night in Arnhem town centre)...

    I can't believe that it will be terribly enforceable though -- a bit of illicit gin in the company of "my petty officer, who I am also happy to say is also my lover" in between sessions of enjoying the remaining two components of the traditional "rum, sodomy, and the lash" that all sailors do enjoy so much will certainly be the order of the day now on Her Majesty's vessels...
  3. Of course I mean the orange one's vessels, such as HM Rotterdam, where HM stands for“Hare Majesteit”, and if one is talking about a Dutch ships it is eminently clear who's Majesty we are talking about!

    Beatrix is better looking than Brenda anyway, even if her daughter-in-law is an argy...;)
  4. Have you seen how much the dutch drink?

    I sware they will never be able to inforce such a thing like that, because the inforcers will be to drunk themselves to give twohoots what their minions are doing.
  5. What the feck!!? :? First,there's no hookers to AFG, now no alcohol on exercises? What will be next..... no drugs??????
    They can't be that harsh on us,can they? :twisted:
  6. Lol Klompenboer it seems that they can do that. But I hope for you that they dont ban weed! because well that would be bad