Dutch Jumps Course - Tessel.

Morning all i am looking to take 7 (1 Officer and 6 other ranks) guys from my Battalion on the course in the Autumn or early next year. If has done the course before i would be rather grateful if you could give me some information on local accommodation,food and other necessities, aswell as the course layout and what to expect from the course and area as a whole.If anyone knows the distance from the course to Amsterdam i would be rather grateful.
About getting there: You'll need to take a train to the Den Helder train station (about 1.5 hours). At the train station take bus nr. 33 which will take you to the boat to Texel. It'll probably take you 2 - 2,5 hours in total. Check when the first/last boats leave though.


If you are planning to do it as a military exped (ie not just as a group of mates, in civvies, no MTDs, CILOR, mil transport etc involved) you need to sort a few issues out.

1. If you are paying for it - it is a civvy sports parachuting course. As such, you need to make sure that you meet all of the Army requirements of doing any other sports parachute course with ref instructor qualifications etc. Failure to do this leaves you open in the event of an accident or injury. The nice little badge they give you has no place on your uniform, as it is a civvy badge for a paid-for civvy course. It is as "uniform" as a PADI dive badge would be compared to the RE divers qualification.
2. It is only an offical military parachute exchange if cleared as such by S01 SF/AB Plans, and can be sought via 16x HQ if appropriate. If clearance is granted, you should not be paying for it and on completion will be awarded the Dutch military brevet (which is different to the paid for one), which you can wear on your uniform. Clearance is usually only given to qualified, in date, British military parachutists.

Have fun!

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