Dutch in Uruzgan

Here: http://player.omroep.nl/?aflid=3534497 is an hour-long film shown on Dutch TV yesterday about Dutch SF in Uruzgan. The filmmaker that shot the footage ended up in an hour-long firefight, the footage of which starts at about 48 minutes in, and continues more or less to the end, interspersed with interviews of the soldiers.

What isn't said in the film is that at one point the filmmaker actually picked up a rifle and returned fire.

The film is mostly in Dutch, but there are bits of English.

Other interesting bits:

Target indication for an F18 using vehicle mounted M2 Browning's: 18 minutes in
raid on a suspected IED factory: 42:30 minutes in

The SF guys interviewed were quite pissed off about several things -- 9/10 of what they do is not SF work and could be done by practically anyone, and decisions on the ground concerning for instance whether to go into an area or not have to be okayed by a general in The Hague, who will often forbid it because his intelligence suggests otherwise, preventing them from reacting quickly and properly. Another bone of contention for them is that their working rules imposed from The Hague make them look weak in the eyes of the locals, and they say that due to the philosophy prevalent in that area, the locals will always follow the strongest party -- and that they are running the risk of being seen as weaker than the Taliban, which would result in the locals siding with them.

If you can understand Dutch, it is well worth watching the whole thing. Otherwise, just skip to the indicated segments.

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