Dutch in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PAXBloke, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. your point being :?
  2. I dont read Dutch, whats the translation??

    Were they there looking for those special cafes like they have back home that serves coffee n cakes?
  3. You know where to go if you need shum porn, or a shmoke ;)
  4. The point is that it's a vid about a firefight led by Dutch officers and NCO's leading ANA troops against the Taliban.

    Dutch journo's are finally realising there is actually a war on and that we're not there just to smile and wave. I think that's a good thing.

    I saw this vid on the news yesterday (not the entire one, just a 5 minute extract) and the reporters were not bringing their usual left wing PC sh!te and were actually supporting the efforts of our people there.

    It's also good to watch the vid and see how much work there still is to in training the ANA to somehting resembling a reasonable standard.

    Good work by the liaison guys leading the fight too!
  5. A translation of the link to a Dutch site on this English one might be handy. So here it is:

    The NOS (Dutch BBC analogue) has laid its hands on on unique footage of a firefight fought against the Taliban by Dutch soldiers.

    The images have been freed by the MoD. They are about Dutch soldiers advancing together with the Afghan army against Taliban warriors in the Southern Afghan province Uruzgan.

    They are trying to regain a police post that the Taliban has taken. After two days fighting they still haven't succeeded.


    The MoD wants the footage to show there are two aspects to the Dutch mission in Uruzgan: Rebuilding Afghanistan and the fight against the Taliban. The MoD thus wants to give the general public a completer view of what the mission in Uruzgan entails.

    The images broadcasted tonight have been made by an MoD employee last August during a firefight in the Kala Kala valley near Chora (Actually about three miles from Chora -Kaye). During the combat two Ducth soldiers were wounded.

    It is not possible to show the entire video. Some fragments have been removed to ensure the safety of the soldiers.

    End of translation.
  6. I like the way the ANA soldier smiles when the A-10's Gatling starts humming! It is indeed nice to see that journos now show what we are doing there too,next to having a schmoke and reading the fine Dutch porn! :twisted:
  7. Comment from the NCO when the A10 comes rolling in: "Yeah, drop some!" :twisted:

    Wonderful! Go get 'em guys! Pak ze!
  8. I missed all this seeing as the beginnig was slow as hell I zipped through the footage, but I'm not going to sit for ages waiting for something to happen 8O anyone got a hint at what time in the vid things get more interesting
  9. About halfway thru they do a movement to contact with A-10s making runs towards the end.

    Interesting to note how many languages that Dutch Officer/NCO?? speaks during combat. He seemed like a real pro, of course he looked shit scared when the ANA were behind him. Seems like fire discipline is still an issue with those guys in looking at the film.
  10. Dutch suck &*^$ they pulled out in Iraq after a union meeting because it got abit cold and muddy and left it in a right dump. Although they left some RASTA coloured benches for the schomking of da herb.
  11. Dutch just after 'stan


    sorry couldnt resist
  12. I think the sound on the clip is duff because i couldn't understand a word those cadets were saying
  13. eerr - that you might find it interesting :idea:
  14. Muhahaha! :lol: