Dutch Goretex the D.S solution ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thecoops, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. I carry my smock as warm kit and i was thinking of getting a dutch goretex so i can dump my issue gortex. Could it replace my smock and my goretex ?
  2. Not seeing what a Dutch Goretex looks like i cant comment but then depending who you are, surely this answer should be answered by your Cpl, Sgt, C/S Sgt or SSM??
  3. A dutch goretex is a goretex smock cut like a sas smock. Also i get away with some outrageous kit so as long as its d.p.m.
  4. I use a dutch gortex and there an awsome bit of kit and warmer than most smocks.If when on exercise you do your tabbing/ patroling in a shirt then go for a dutch gortex and sack off your smock and gortex.Tabbing/patroling in one gets a weeee bit sweaty
  5. If it ain't Dutch,it ain't much :p
  6. I'd advise against getting one even though i think they are great ive now got the keela stuff.The reason why im saying not to get one is that IBS Brecon has now stopped the use of Dutch goretex this came from the commandant it came in when i was on SF Platoon commanders but its your call mate just putting in my tuppence.


    swift and bold
  7. they are the dogs pods, its all about the looks!
  8. Mmmm. I think i mite get one if i see one cheap enough
  9. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    I think they have sacked that idea as most of PSBC and i include the DS in this were wearing them.
  10. So Umbrellas are frowned apon then

    What is wrong with the issue mvp liner, or the arktis waterproof jacket?
  11. While my Dutch Goretex (Bilaminate, as it is known locally) is a very nice piece of kit and ally looking to, I wouldn't go on patrols in it. It is too good a jacket for that. It just gets too warm in all but the worst weather.
    While hanging around in a patrolharbour or on low ops it is magnificent. I take it along with me in my patrol pack and sling it on when having a stop or after getting where we were going. Then put the wet smock back on when you're off again.

    It has one major drawback: If you wear it as a smock the shoulders are set in as Raglan sleeves and very watertight. But if you wear an opsvest or even a Bergan of some sort over them the waterproofing grinds away fairly quickly. Leaving you with a pretty (but) useless piece of kit.

    If I were you I'd get one. Regretibly, I can't get you one. (Still working on some Cloggie stuff for some other people!)
  12. Thanks for the advice Kaye. Because we train in CBA all the time now i where a dpm UBACS so i just want it for when i stop.
  13. Log onto the Dutch Ebay site - use babelfish to translate and Bob's your uncle. Pukka Dutch goretex for 24 Euros. Sell it on UK Ebay for £40. Cheers easy.
  14. Will do ill have to brush up on me dutch
  15. Just use the translator so you can input the correct phrase into the search engine. After that it's not so much of a problem as the vast majority of the Dutch speak very good English.