Dutch, French soldiers killed by IED in southern Afghanistan

Dutch, French soldiers killed in blast in southern Afghanistan, local interpreter also killed

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 at 6:07 pm | Wire Update | BNO News | Leave a Comment

KABUL (BNO NEWS) -- Two coalition soldiers from the Netherlands and France, and an Afghan interpreter, were killed in an attack in southern Afghanistan on Saturday afternoon, according to officials.

"This afternoon around 1 p.m. Afghan time, a Dutch Mercedes Benz vehicle was struck by an attack with an improvised device," Peter van Uhm, the Commander of the Dutch armed forces, told reporters in The Hague. He said 25-year-old Corporal Luc Janzen from the Netherlands was killed in the attack.

A Captain from the French Army, as well as an Afghan interpreter working with NATO, were also killed in the attack, according to the office of President Nicolas Sarkozy. "The President of the Republic has learned with great emotion of the death of a captain of the 3rd Engineering Regiment of Charleville Mezieres," a spokesperson for Sarkozy said. "The officer paid with his life to the commitment of France in the service of peace and security for the Afghan people."

The name of the French soldier was not immediately released.

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The name of the French KIA was Christophe Barek-Deligny, an Engineer captain belonging to the 3e RG (Engineer Rgt).

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