Dutch Flag Banned in Schools

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tomahawk6, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. T6 are a Cloggie masquarading as a Spetic or do think the ARRSE readers are fluent in Dutch?
  2. Actually if you sort of look at it with half-closed eyes, and maybe know a bit of German, the meaning starts to emerge.

    Well, I've managed "Vlagverbod is wijdverspreid"

    Maybe a spliff would help 8O
  3. I'll tell you if it works the day after my discharge!
  4. Rough (very 8O ) translation

  5. Oh fer pete's sake...STOAA-AATYYYY! Crack on, pal. :D
  7. I hope Blair doesn't get his filthy paws on this otherwise it'll start over here! How bloody stupid is this?
  8. Muchly obligated Stoaty! Used to be able to speak it when the old man was posted to AFCENT but that was 35 years ago and my vocab didn't stretch much beyond 'frikadelle' and 'maaaionaisse'! :D
  9. Those crazy Dutch bastards!

    And I'm only ten minutes away....0-0 tonight though. What next?

  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We have the same sort of nonsence in the UK - the English are not allowed to fly thier flags in universities in case it upsets foriegn student etc.

    I was in California on 11 Sep 01 (ie 9/11) bunting went up every where - even more than usual, but the City fathers of Berkley (People Democratic Socialist Rep of) banned the Fire Brigade from flying US flags from thier engins in case it upset immigrants etc. Fortunately commonsense prevailed and the Firemens union told the pinko trots to ram it and the flags flew.

    I cannot see how flying the local flag can upset right minded foriegners, and if it does those foriegners have the option to leave. When I'm abroad I don't get upset by the local bunting, why woyuld I?
  11. When i was in uni halls last year i was told to take down my union jack because 'our halls are resident to people from all nations, culutures and religions and by putting up your flag you are indimating them and making them feel unwelcome in our country' i was outraged and wrote a very strongly worded letter and told them to feck off. But, get this, it was alright for a french student to fly his flag as 'he was expressing his ethnic identity' :? Fine then so am i, that shut them up :evil:
  12. Which Uni Country lad? maybe we can heap scorn upon it
  13. The fine instution known as, it pains me to say it, King's College London, that fine instuition let me down. A uni known officially as the most right wing in the country (especially as all the political parties execpt the tories were closed down) choose to dabble in some lefty pc rubbish :cry:
  14. Thank you young man, I shall bear a grudge for some time. :twisted: