Dutch Flag Banned in Schools

Jailorinummqasr said:
T6 are a Cloggie masquarading as a Spetic or do think the ARRSE readers are fluent in Dutch?
Actually if you sort of look at it with half-closed eyes, and maybe know a bit of German, the meaning starts to emerge.

Well, I've managed "Vlagverbod is wijdverspreid"

Maybe a spliff would help 8O
Rough (very 8O ) translation

AMSTERDAM - more schools appear the Dutch flag on the green heart lyceum have banished in them to pine rijn are the Dutch three colour already almost a year from pine boze. All groepsidentificerende characteristics are not accepted there and suspension threatens as students nevertheless venturing with clothing and piling up with flags to arrive. Readers reacted earlier these weak furiously to the flag prohibition of IJsselsteinse school, because the flags provoking be for foreign co-students VerketterdEen boze man will communicate yesterday that he is regularly execrated ' expatriate and left intellectuals ' because he drives round in dark blue ex-defensieauto with rood-wit-blauwe a sticker at the back. I get that to hear I a nationalist and a fascist are. Perhaps a list can be established there with what can say Dutch still and do, sneers he the green heart lyceum itself says to those measures have obliged by the hardened climate on school. Not only the flags, but also lonsdale lonsdale-kleren, lay in a coffin with white or red laces and bomberjacks are possible discrimination or plague behaviour according to the Executive Board of the school result in. A spokesman of the school lays from: Sometimes all of a sudden the flame in the pan beats and then must we react. Then we keep out the problem object for tijdje. According to the school the students make of it no problem, but are it especially the parents who find that their children are decreased its own identity. "everything happen in consultation and a prohibition is a large word." The rural office race discrimination understands the schools but thinks that it has to little prohibit sense preventively.
Oh fer pete's sake...STOAA-AATYYYY! Crack on, pal. :D
Amsterdam - more schools appear to have banned the Dutch flag

The Dutch tricolore has been banned for almost a year at the Green Hart college in Alphen aan den Rijn. All group-identifying signs are not accepted there, and the risk of suspension threatens pupils who come in with clothes and bags with flags on them. Readers reacted with rage earlier this week to the flag prohibition at an school in Ijsselstein, [the prohibition being] because the flags may be provocative to foreign [implicit - brown-coloured] students.

Denounced scathingly

An angry man reported yesterday that he is regularly denounced scathingly by “foreigners and left-intellectuals” because he drives around in a dark blue ex-army car with a red-white-blue sticker on the back. “I keep hearing that I am a nationalist and a fascist. Perhaps a list can be compiled which says what Dutchmen are still permitted to say and do”, he sneers.

The Green Hart College itself says that it was forced to adopt the rules due to the heated climate at the school. Not just flags, but also Lonsdale clothes, boxes with white or red laces and bomber-jackets can constitute discrimination or antisocial behaviour, according to the school’s management. A spokesman for the school explains: “Sometimes the flame hits the pan and then we must react. Then we keep the source of the problem away for a while”. According to the school the pupils have no problem with it, but it is principally the parents who think that their children are having their own identity taken away from them. “Everything happened deliberately, and prohibition is a big word”. The Rural Bureau of Race Discrimination understands [the position of] the school, but thinks that it makes little sense to prohibit as a preventative measure.
I hope Blair doesn't get his filthy paws on this otherwise it'll start over here! How bloody stupid is this?
Muchly obligated Stoaty! Used to be able to speak it when the old man was posted to AFCENT but that was 35 years ago and my vocab didn't stretch much beyond 'frikadelle' and 'maaaionaisse'! :D


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We have the same sort of nonsence in the UK - the English are not allowed to fly thier flags in universities in case it upsets foriegn student etc.

I was in California on 11 Sep 01 (ie 9/11) bunting went up every where - even more than usual, but the City fathers of Berkley (People Democratic Socialist Rep of) banned the Fire Brigade from flying US flags from thier engins in case it upset immigrants etc. Fortunately commonsense prevailed and the Firemens union told the pinko trots to ram it and the flags flew.

I cannot see how flying the local flag can upset right minded foriegners, and if it does those foriegners have the option to leave. When I'm abroad I don't get upset by the local bunting, why woyuld I?
When i was in uni halls last year i was told to take down my union jack because 'our halls are resident to people from all nations, culutures and religions and by putting up your flag you are indimating them and making them feel unwelcome in our country' i was outraged and wrote a very strongly worded letter and told them to feck off. But, get this, it was alright for a french student to fly his flag as 'he was expressing his ethnic identity' :? Fine then so am i, that shut them up :evil:
The fine instution known as, it pains me to say it, King's College London, that fine instuition let me down. A uni known officially as the most right wing in the country (especially as all the political parties execpt the tories were closed down) choose to dabble in some lefty pc rubbish :cry:
It gets better (or worse) under union rules a society can only exist if it has only 25 members or more, the lesbian bisexual gay and transgender society has two and yet because of pc b*llsh*t they remain, i have nothing against LGBT but they used the same rule to close down many a fine society, hypocrisy don't u just love it?
Countrylad said:
It gets better (or worse) under union rules a society can only exist if it has only 25 members or more, the lesbian bisexual gay and transgender society has two and yet because of pc b*llsh*t they remain, i have nothing against LGBT but they used the same rule to close down many a fine society, hypocrisy don't u just love it?
The Rifle club at Kings have had problems with the left-of-Lenin Union too (I'm mates with 2 of the guys who are/were running it).

Since I left Oxford, at the Fresher's Fair, the two shooting clubs were not put with the other Blues sports, but down with the "special interest" clubs, such as wiccans & medieval reenactors. Even in my day we were prohibited from having an air pistol at the fair, even though the fencers could have their swords and the archers their bows and arrows. But then OUSU were also a bunch of communist fecks with a rather higher than normal proportion of homosexuals on the committee (when I was there it was about 50-60% gay when statistically-speaking it should have been around 10%, and they spent a disproportionate amount of time worrying about single lesbian teenage mothers in African countries and less that the average rent was 65 quid a week. They had a foreign policy, for feck's sake!)
:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: I just cant help it, twats like these really wind me up, the really scary thing is most of them end up in politics. Look at how many of the cabinet were student politicos.

Shower of scum, but they see see an opening (student apathy) and pile straight in. The reason so many unis are so full of sh1te is that all the loons organise and steer the unions their way (funded by student fees or the taxpayer) normal folks cant be arrsed and spend most of their time shagging and boozing.

Any time I have came across anyone (well most of them) involved in student politics I am often visited by a wave of revulsion and a desire to give them the good slapping their parents never had the standards to.

Rant over, time to lay down
Vonshot said:
At my college the idea was always floating around to disaffiliate from OUSU, since all we got for our 1500 quid per year was a few free left-wing newspapers, and lots of letter writing campaigns to Tony Blair's 3rd secretary's bin (normally about gay rights issues or student fees).

One of the religious permanent private halls (Greyfriar's) had disaffiliated a while back after this monastic order was sent gay sex propaganda, condoms & lube by OUSU, paid for using subs which they had paid. "Sensitive" to all cultures and religions, unless it's English heterosexual culture or Christianity... :evil:

Edited to correct for a mental block
some of my mates tried to form an 'english middle-class white society' at another uni as a form of protest,they were hounded out of the student union offices being decried as racists, bigots etc. Like vonshot said politicos are total knobbers who are more concerned with looking good and paving a way to a lucrative caraeer than the interests of normal folk, rant now over countrylad takes a swig of single malt, in the student libary - they won't catch me! :twisted:

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