Dutch F16 & Spitfire

I live right under the IP for the airshow. For two days the Typhoon flew with the Spitfire. I had the Red Arrows flying past my balcony at zero feet and 500 knots.


Noisy gits, even when I bog off to the wood they seem to use it as a forming up point. The traffic is hell for 4 days, still stirs the heart to hear a merlin though!
RichieRichard said:
This was something that no-one expected to see at last Friday's Eastbourne Airbourne airshow, a Royal Dutch F16 flying in formation with a Spitfire.
If you look closher,you can shee that both are Dutch :p

Yes it was a great Show. I was there for all 4 days, spotter that I am. Shame the Blue Eagles weren't there. I suppose Flashing and the boys have got other things on their mind.
Cheers for the clips, apparently on the Saturday a couple of US F86 Sabres came over Eastbourne but unfortunately I was playing cricket so missed them, bugger!! lol
vvaannmmaann said:
I saw eight Red Arrows(?) go over here yesterday.I thought there were nine of them?

duffdike said:
I saw 8 Red Arrows at one point but there are 9 in the flight. Maybe 1 went US and went home?

Yep - apparently one had a problem on the way and returned to Manston as a precaution.

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